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Were Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin’s Son, Cass Chaplin/Charlie Chaplin Jr., Ever in a Relationship? What Is Monroe’s Relationship With Edward Robinson? Boyfriends & Blonde Update!

Oct 1, 2022 @ 10:31 EDT
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Were Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin’s Son, Cass Chaplin/Charlie Chaplin Jr., Ever in a Relationship? What Is Monroe’s Relationship With Edward Robinson? Boyfriends & Blonde Update!

Yes, Marilyn Monroe was once in a relationship with Charlie Chaplin's son, CharlieChaplin Jr./Cass Chaplin. However, the couple broke up after a short period of time. Later, Marilyn started dating Cass' friend, Edward Robinson. Some people even believe Cass and Edwards once were her boyfriends at the same time. Follow to know more about her actual relationship and what is shown in Netflix's Blonde.

In Netflix's controversial new film Blonde, Ana de Armas portrays Marilyn Monroe's tragedy, which is not intended to be a historically accurate biopic. The NC-17-rated film, directed by Andrew Dominik, is based on Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel of the same name and follows the dramatized depiction of Monroe navigating a harsh Hollywood experience.

Similarly, it's presented in a daring, fantastical style to show what Monroe, the actual name Norma Jeane Mortenson, might have been experiencing on the inside before her untimely passing 60 years ago, at age 36.

Blonde garnered negative reviews and reactions from reviewers and audiences, with the majority of criticism being towards Domink's exploitative and degrading portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, despite Armas' performance being generally appreciated.

Similarly, another element of Blonde that has been extensively questioned is its reliability, especially when it comes to Marilyn Monroe's romantic connections, one of which raised many suspicions was her relationship with Charlie Chaplin's son, CharlieChaplin Jr./Cass Chaplin. Well, let's find out everything about their relationship.

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Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin’s Son, Charlie Chaplin Jr./Cass Chaplin, Were in a Relationship for a Very Short Period: What Is Monroe’s Relationship With Edward Robinson?  Boyfriends & Blonde Update!

Although they were allegedly connected, there is no proof that Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin's son, CharlieChaplin Jr./Cass Chaplin, were in a relationship. However, Cass Chaplin claimed in his biography My Father, Charlie Chaplin that he had an affair with Monroe in 1947, but the reality of this is still being seriously discussed and still unproved.

Charlie Chaplin, Jr. was the oldest son of the legendary Hollywood actor Charlie Chaplin. According to IMDB, he was born on May 5, 1925, in Beverly Hills, California parents Lita Grey and Charlie Chaplin.

As for Eddy, he was reportedly a close friend and sometimes lover of Monroe, but Cass was not involved at all - and, of course, they were never an industry topic of conversation next to each other.

Similarly, one of the most serious issues with Blonde is that it has been misunderstood as a film presenting the genuine biography of Marilyn Monroe, in fact, neither the film nor the novel on which it is based tells Monroe's life as it was. Blonde (the book) is a fictitious account of Monroe's life, and Oates has stated that it should not be considered a biography.

The novel contains the polyamorous relationship between Monroe, Cass, and Edward Robinson Jr./Eddy as part of its plot, and because the film is an adaptation of the book rather than a real portrayal of Monroe's life, work, and relationships. However, the actress may have been friendly with Charlie Chaplin and Edward Robinson's sons, but they might not be in a romantic relationship as portrayed in Blonde.

In the film Blonde, Marilyn Monroe meets Cass and Eddy at the LA Actor's Circle in 1952, when she discovers them playing the piano. Following Cass's dance, the film switches to Monroe, Cass, and Eddy at the two men's flat, where Cass convinces her to undress because their bodies shouldn't be hidden away.

The three are then seen in a polyamorous relationship, becoming gossip news, and Marilyn finally becomes pregnant with Cass' kid, however, she later has an abortion out of worry that her child would inherit her mother's mental disorders.

According to Anthony Summers, who wrote a history of Marilyn's life titled Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, there is some information to imply that Marilyn and Cass were briefly connected. According to The Cinemaholic, Cass introduced Marilyn to his family in 1947, inviting her to their home for lunch.

Similarly, the book also claims that once her relationship with Cass ended, Marilyn dated Eddy Jr., and Anthony said that "any passion in the Robinson affair was soon spent, and turned to friendship." Similarly, many people Eddy and Cass were her boyfriends at the same time. However, there's no proof of it.

However, after a few months of dating, Marilyn Monroe married her high school sweetheart James Dougherty in 1942, when she was only 16 years old. It was believed that James, who was 20 at the time, married her to keep her out of the care system while her mother was in and out of psychiatric facilities. Even if Dougherty was stationed overseas and she pursued success in Hollywood, they divorced in 1946.

After that, Marilyn Monroe, by then a well-known actress and s*x symbol, married baseball star Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco in 1954. The couple, who were both divorced, had met on a double date two years before.

Similarly, they divided their time between Hollywood and New York City. Their love connection eventually fell apart. Marilyn filed for divorce after a physical fight, claiming mental cruelty, but in the end, the two remained friends. After her death in 1962, DiMaggio made certain that fresh flowers were delivered to her grave every week until his death in 1999.

Additionally, Blonde is now streaming on Netflix.

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