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Marifer From Who Killed Sara: Did Marifer Kill Sara?

May 26, 2022 @ 14:38 EDT
Marifer From Who Killed Sara: Did Marifer Kill Sara?

Marifer, one of the characters in Netflix's Who Killed Sara, is Sara's childhood friend and next-door neighbor. She was initially named Diana the Huntress until the end of Season 2. Marifer is played by Mexican actor and singer, Litzy. Follow the article to know if Marifer really killed Sara and what happens to her at the end of Season 3 of the Netflix series.

'Who Killed Sara?' (original title: 'Quién Mató a Sara?') is a Netflix original series that follows Alex Guzman, a wrongfully convicted man who is released from jail after 18 years. Alex embarks on a series of bold attacks against the powerful Lazcano family in the hopes of uncovering his sister's true killer. The secrets of each member of the rich family are disclosed one by one.

Some of the more explosive secrets lead to unexpected plot twists, and characters confront some genuinely unbelievable situations. There are a lot of names and faces to keep track of this season, from the powerful members of the Lazcano family to the heartbroken community aiming to bring them down.

One of the characters is Sara’s best friend and Alex’s ex-lover,  Marifer. Played by Litzy, Marifer has a very mysterious and important role in the show. So, let's know more about her without wasting any time.

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Who Is Marifer in Who Killed Sara? Why Did Marifer Kill Sara?

In season one of Who Killed Sara, Diana the Huntress is a central character in the thrilling Mexican murder mystery series. She's a mysterious character who claims to know more about Sara's death than anybody else, and she initially helps Alex with his research into the Lazcanos.

Diana the Huntress is revealed to be Sara's childhood friend and next-door neighbor, Marifer, at the end of season one. She has a trove of secrets about Sara that Alex is unaware of as an adult, which she utilizes to both help and manipulate him. Despite the fact that the audience is aware of her identity, Alex is unaware until the very end of season 2 and continues to interact with her via encrypted messages.

Later in the second season, it was shown that Marifer, played by Litzy (@litzyoficial), was the one who murdered Sara after the two companions were shown having a violent dispute by the lake on the day Sara died, during which the latter stated that she wished her family had died.

What Sara confessed moments before being crushed under a piece of the flaming casino was the reason for Marifer killing her. Marifer revealed how her teenage hormones got the best of her and she couldn't stand what an unstable Sara said about her family, so she cut her parachute's rope.

Marifer and Sara, who were best friends, were also step-sisters who shared their father Abel. Marifer was filled with shame when she learned of this and went to see her other sister Clara. Mariana entered the room as they were speaking, and the two began arguing about what they would do to save their family.

Marifer decided to bring out her revolver to kill Mariana when the conversation turned heated, but she dropped the gun and killed Clara and her unborn child by accident.

Marifer's fate stays unknown as she was last seen buried beneath a pile of debris in the blazing casino of the Lazcanos in Season 2. However, the show also hints that Marifer could return to plan her retribution or make peace with Alex.

And yes, Marifer does return in the final season of the show. After the empty casket is discovered, the police inspector informs the shocked crowd that the case has recently changed from a murder inquiry to a missing person's case. Alex then receives a mysterious call from Marifer, who was assumed to have died in a fire in season 2 but is still alive.

Marifer, who is on the verge of dying from severe burns, tells Alex that Sara's psychiatrist Dr. Alanis and their old friend Nicandro are to blame for his sister's murder.

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