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Lucia From Who Killed Sara: How Is She Related to Sara Guzman?

Jun 4, 2022 @ 8:22 EDT
Lucia From Who Killed Sara: How Is She Related to Sara Guzman?

Lucia, one of the characters in Netflix's Who Killed Sara, is the daughter of Sara Guzman and Cesar Lazcano. She was named after Sara's mother and had an appearance only in the season finale of the Netflix show. As she was completely similar to Sara, Ximena Lamadrid was cast as both Sara and Lucia. Follow the article to know more about Lucia.

José Ignacio Valenzuela's Who Killed Sara? (originally titled: Quién mató a Sara?) is a Mexican crime drama soap serial on Netflix. On March 24, 2021, the first season was released. Alejandro Guzaán returns to the life of the Lazcano family after 18 years in prison, discovering their darkest secrets and seeking vengeance for the murder of his sister.

Sara's death is related to a series of increasingly disturbing conspiracies, and what begins as a simple mystery gradually devolves into a complicated series of plot twists. Things start to get violent after a while, as numerous important figures suffer their untimely deaths.

Even though the series has already ended, many viewers are now even more curious to know more about the characters of the show. Similarly, viewers seek more information about Lucia. Well, who is Lucia? How is she related to Sara? Let's find it out right below.

Who Is Lucia on Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? Ximena Lamadrid Cast as Both Sara and Lucia!

In the final season of Who Killed Sara, Lucia is first shown when she reaches Alex's doorstep at the end of episode two, but we don't find out until the end of episode three. Her resemblance to Sara is uncanny, and it'd be easy to believe she's Sara's doppelganger.  Furthermore, the likeness is as uncanny as it is because Lucia is played by Ximena Lamadrid (@imenalamadrid), who also portrays the titular character of Sara.

Lucia's name is a tribute to Alex and Sara's mother. Later in the show, it is revealed that Lucia is Sara Guzmán and César Lazcano's daughter. We were all under the assumption that Sara was dead (after all, it's in the title!), but episode one indicates that she was alive, kidnapped, and sent to a psychiatric facility, where she allegedly gave birth to Lucia.

Alex learns about the baby's birth through the paperwork he discovered in Marifer's burn unit.  Sara gave birth to her daughter, Lucia, on March 8 and had a normal birth with one epidural, according to the report.

We see flashbacks of pregnant Sara while in the psychiatric hospital under Reinaldo's care, and she appears to be heavily drugged. But the fact that she was still able to give birth to her baby was a major deal because what happened afterward was even stranger.

Reinaldo didn't seem frightened by Sara's pregnancy when he included her in his Medusa project, in fact, it seemed to inspire him. In flashbacks, it is revealed that following Lucia's birth, she is detained in the same psychiatric facility as Sara and Reinaldo's daughter, who was committed because she was gay.

When Alex and Eliza question Lucia about her mother, she states she has no idea who she is. We clearly know what happened to Sara after Lucia was born. Lucia's flashbacks also indicate that she was held in a psychiatric facility for 18 years, after which she was meant to leave and start a new life in Florida, but she got out and was helped in her escape by Reinaldo's daughter to visit Alex. However, it's unclear how she came to know who Alex was.

Will There Be Season 4 of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?

Netflix's Who Killed Sara has been one of the popular series on the streaming platform. However, there won't be season 4 of the series. Yes, you heard it right. The phrase 'Temporada Final' was used in the trailer for the third season, which translates to Final Season.

This reveals that the story of 'Who Killed Sara?' was supposed to be delivered across three seasons, with the first season building up the mystery, the second season delivering an unexpected twist, and the third season eventually providing fans with the answers they've been seeking for.

Season 3's ending also doesn't lend itself to another installment, as the mystery surrounding Sara's death is ultimately unraveled, and the answer to the question 'Who Killed Sara?' is revealed.

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