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Luca Colucci from Rebelde 2022 on Netflix: Meet Actor Franco Masini!

Jan 6, 2022 @ 16:05 EST
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Luca Colucci from Rebelde 2022 on Netflix: Meet Actor Franco Masini!

Luca Colucci is one of the characters on Rebelde, a new Mexican teen drama on Netflix. The role of Luka is played by Argentine actor Franco Masini.

Franco Masini, an actor plus singer, plays Luka Colucci in the new Netflix series Rebelde, which premieres in 2022, with an impressive list of cast.

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Rebelde 2022 on Netflix: Luca Colucci is Played By Franco Masini

Luca Colucci is the brash son of the Colucci family who craves his father's approval while forging his own way as a singer.

Rebelde, a renowned telenovela from Mexico, was premiered in 2004. The exploits of students at a famous private school captivated the audience for three seasons and 100+ episodes per season.

In a world of unending sequels, reboots, and spin-offs, it's not predictable to see a remake of Rebelde arrive on Netflix in 2022. Catching the heart of the original's epic plot and twisting it into an 8-episode show was never going to be simple, and Rebelde occasionally feels the weight of expectation.

Rebelde, on the other hand, has enough in the gas to suggest if you're seeking a spicy blend of teenage drama and song, even if it does miss the mark at certain points.

Rebelde, in its most basic form, is a cross of Glee, Elite, and Control Z. The plot revolves around students at Elite Way School, an elite institution where only the greatest musicians survive.

With the opportunity to enter the Musical Excellence Program on the line, these teenagers are compelled to band together and win the Battle of the Bands in order to claim a seat at the exclusive table. It's a fairly straightforward setup, but it's complicated by the introduction of a secret society named The Lodge.

Who is Actor Franco Masini?

Franco Masini, an Argentine-born actor, began his career on the Disney XD program Peter Punk before moving on to shows such as Señales del fin del mundo (2013-14), My Lovely Hope (2015), Cuéntame cómo pasó (2017), and Love After Loving (2017), as well as films such as The Clan (2015) and Solo el Amor (2017).

Prior to Rebelde, his crowning moment was playing alongside Julia Stiles in Season 3 of Sky Atlantic's Riviera (2020). Masini is also a renowned musician, and his song Dejar de Extraarte (2019) was nominated for a Premios Gardel award for the best new artist.

In 2020, he launched his EP Náufrago, and his songs are available on Spotify.

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