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Love is Blind Season 2 Wedding Venue: The Ravisloe Country Club?

Mar 5, 2022 @ 9:56 EST
Love is Blind Season 2 Wedding Venue: The Ravisloe Country Club?

Love Is Blind Season 2 showed us a stunning wedding venue and fans have been wondering about where the participants got married. Their weddings were held in the sunshine at a gorgeous complex with stunning garden views. Here is everything we know about the Love is Blind Season 2 wedding venue. Some of the most spectacular weddings in the Netflix show's history took place at the Ravisloe Country Club and its sister property, the La Banque Hotel in Homewood, Chicago.

We've seen some lovely filming locations where the cast has gone in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Following their engagement in the Netflix show, they have whisked away to Mexico, where their weddings were celebrated in the sunshine at a beautiful complex with wonderful garden views.

The Season 2 cast is all from Chicago, as the producers of Love Is Blind prefer to have a cast from the same location each season to give the couples the best opportunity of connecting outside the pods.

Because of this, the majority of the filming took place there, and the cast was taken to luxury locations together. But where did they go to the wedding? Here is everything we know about the wedding venue for Season 2 of Love Is Blind.

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Where is Love Is Blind Season 2 Wedding Reception Venue Filmed?

As previously said, participants of Season 2 of Love is Blind were all from Chicago, so it's no surprise that their weddings took place there as well. Some of the most spectacular weddings in the show's history took place at the Ravisloe Country Club and its sister property, the La Banque Hotel in Homewood, Chicago.

The building, which has stood since 1925, is a neighborhood landmark. The huge outside ceremony space has an ivy-covered courtyard and beautiful greenery. The reception area boasts large floor-to-ceiling windows, assuring that your guests have enough natural light while dancing.

Weddings were held in a variety of locations throughout the property, including within rooms as well as outside in the grounds. Ravisloe Country Club, located in Homewood, is a public golf course and wedding venue constructed by renowned golf course architect Donald Ros.

The venue is home to a Spanish mission-style clubhouse, located within the golf course complex. There are a variety of wedding packages available, some of which include an open bar, late-night food such as tacos and pizza (just up Shayne's street), champagne and wine table services, and a separate bridal suite.

The courtyard, with the ivy-covered clubhouse as a backdrop, overlooking the 18th hole on the course, is one of the most popular sites to say "I do", or "I don't" if you're on Love Is Blind. Receptions are held in the Grand Ballroom, which may accommodate up to 300 people.

The interior and outdoor spaces can accommodate any number of people, whether for large, lavish celebrations or small, intimate gatherings.

The venue's prices vary, but according to the current bookings guide, the most expensive day to book is Saturday, which starts with a $2,000 venue booking fee before you choose your package and add-on extras.

Season 3 of Love Is Blind Has Been Confirmed and Here's What We Know Thus Far

Season 2 of Love is Blind may have just ended (with the reunion episode airing on March 4, 2022), but fans are already looking forward to Season 3. While there is no official release date yet, Vanessa Lachey has given us cause to hope that fans will not have to wait long.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in September 2021, Lachey disclosed,

So, we shot Season 1, that’s gonna come out February 2022, and I don’t know, am I allowed to say? We shot Season 3 already.

Season 3 is already in the works, therefore it's safe to assume it'll be released sooner rather than later. Despite this, fans had to wait a long time between Seasons 1 and 2. (Recall that Season 1 premiered in February 2020, just in time for the world to change due to social distancing, quarantine, and the coronavirus; Season 2 premiered two years later in February 2022.)

As a result, it's a little of a toss-up. However, if Love Is Blind continues to air during the month of February, Season 3 will most certainly premiere in February 2023.

There's a potential we'll have to wait until February 2024—following the initial two-year hiatus between seasons—but with filming being completed, the two-year lag is more likely to be due to COVID-19 production delays.

Netflix has renewed Season 3 of Love Is Blind for a third edition. Season 3 will presumably broadcast a few episodes at a time, similar to past seasons, with a reunion episode available a week or so after the finale.

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