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Shuntaro from Love is Blind Japan: Instagram, Job, Reddit, Net Worth!

Feb 19, 2022 @ 4:51 EST
Shuntaro from Love is Blind Japan: Instagram, Job, Reddit, Net Worth!

Shuntaro from Love is Blind Japan is a 56 years-old contestant who works as a consultant and eventually fell in love with Ayano. Also, know more about the journey of Shuntaro and Ayano and whether the couple is still together on Instagram. Reddit users wonder about how rich Shuntaro from Love is Blind Japan is. Since his job is as a consultant, his net worth in 2022 is not expected to be too high.

Following the popularity of the first season of Love is Blind, the show returned in 2022 with a new season, as well as the first-ever Love is Blind: Japan season.

The show premiered on Netflix on February 8th, is set to be even more romantic, as viewers of the show will get to experience love flourish on-screen.

Of course, Love is Blind isn't all sunshine and roses. If season one taught viewers anything, it's that marrying a stranger from within a pod isn't necessarily the greatest option for everyone. However, for certain singletons, it's worked out perfectly. So, let's learn more about Shuntaro, a Love is Blind: Japan contestant.

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Who is Shuntaro from Love is Blind Japan?

Love is Blind: Japan has a total of 24 contestants. The cast members date one another in isolated pods where they can only hear each other's voices in the series.

Shuntaro is one of the participants who has caught the interest of the audience. He is 56 years old and is from Gunma. Shuntaro is a consultant, according to the Netflix show.

Shuntaro hasn't said much about his profession throughout his time on the show thus far. Shuntaro's primary goal is to discover true love. On Love Is Blind, he revealed that he had previously been in a relationship, but that his partner had passed away due to sickness.

Despite being one of the most open and honest participants on Love is Blind: Japan thus far, Shuntaro appears to prefer to keep his personal life private on social media.

Many fans of Love is Blind Japan have expressed their surprise at Shuntaro's age on Twitter. One Twitter user wrote: "Watching Love Is Blind Japan and I think Shuntaro doesn’t look bad for 56. He is…kinda… Omg, what’s wrong with me?"

"Shuntaro actually looks great for 56," said another.

In the show, Shuntaro connected with Ayano who was 16 years younger than him. Despite the fact that they both had their defenses up at first, they eventually confessed their readiness to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Shuntaro and Ayano’s Love is Blind Japan Journey: Are They Still Together?

Ayano's time in the pods wasn't easy in any manner, shape, or form, despite her lively and pleasant personality. She had feelings for both Yudai and Mori at separate periods, but none of them selected her as their final choice since she didn't let her guard down.

That was not the case; she had learned to read the room growing up as a result of her father's career and her upbringing, and she was simply misunderstood. And it was this aspect that attracted Shuntaro, 56, who acknowledged being frequently misunderstood himself.

Shuntaro had previously thought he'd discovered the woman he'd spend the rest of his life with as an accomplished consultant, but she regrettably passed away due to health concerns.

That, paired with his desire to find a new partner, led him to the Netflix original and, as a result, the 16-year-younger corporate worker. He, too, came close to losing her, but in a different way, because he kept his calm during their chats while assisting her in working through her feelings.

In other words, Shuntaro soothed Ayano's fears by creating a safe environment for her to be open, chatted with her about her expectations, and talked about their shared love of art, but he never showed his emotions openly.

He'd almost given up hope since Sho entered the scene, but when she inquired about his preference, he couldn't help but pour his heart out and reveal that he'd always imagined them getting married.

His comments had such an impact on Ayano that she had no choice but to select him.

While proposing to Ayano, Shuntaro said, “Aya, being with you, I’ve been able to be my natural self for the first time. This is the first time I’ve met such an extraordinary person. So, I could say something arrogant like ‘I’ll make you happy,’ but that’s not it. I need you, Aya. Please marry me.” Having already clarified that she only wanted him for who he is, Ayano replied, “If you’re happy with me, I want to spend my future with you.” That’s when they got to meet face-to-face, and he vowed to take care of her for good.

Despite the fact that Shuntaro doesn't appear to have an active online presence, and Ayano's Instagram account (@ayani0625) doesn't show much, we believe that this adorable couple is still on good terms.

Their relationship began as friends, implying that trust would never be an issue for them, despite their age difference, and that communication will help them work past their differences.

In summary, Shuntaro and Ayano have yet to declare their formal relationship status, but their story gives us hope for a happy conclusion.

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