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Love, Death & Robots Launches 9 NFTs: QR Codes, Locations and More!

May 23, 2022 @ 7:53 EDT
Love, Death & Robots Launches 9 NFTs: QR Codes, Locations and More!

With Season 3 of the show, Netflix's Love Death and Robots launched 9 QR codes which generate an NFT collection with its own unique image from the show. However, only 3 NFTs are released till now and 6 more of them will be launched very soon, probably on billboards or digital platforms. Follow the article to know more about the NFTs and their locations.

Love Death + Robots is a bright, philosophical, dark, and ambient sci-fi series created by Tim Miller for Netflix's streaming platform. The anthology series is based on Miller's dream reboot of the 1981 animated sci-fi film Heavy Metal, which he co-created with David Fincher. The tangle of stories is endlessly fascinating, occasionally bizarre, but always captivating.

The fan-favorite adult animation show spawned three seasons following its premiere in March 2019 to enormous fan and critical acclaim. The diversified animation technique, the taut plot, and the challenging issues were all praised by critics.

Love Death + Robots also launched NFTs with the third edition of the show. A non-fungible token (NFT) is financial security made up of digital data recorded in a distributed ledger called a blockchain.

Because their ownership is recorded in the blockchain and may be transferred by the owner, NFTs can be sold and swapped. NFTs usually relate to digital data such as photographs, videos, and audio. You're at the right place if you wanna know about the NFTs in the show and where they can be found.

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Love, Death & Robots Season 3: How Many NFTs Has the Netflix Show Launched? Find Out Its Location!

Love, Death + Robots is an adult animation series. Season 3 of the Netflix series was recently launched that tells a colorful story in a violent and sexually creative fashion.

The third installment of this series is inevitable. Netflix conducted a quest for nine secret QR codes strewn across Love, Death + Robots' social networks, physical billboards, and digital platforms in connection with the series premiere on Friday (May 20).

Each QR code will generate an NFT collection with its own unique image from the show's third season. Visitors can either mint the art as an NFT or save it in an old-fashioned manner by right-clicking and saving it. In the description, Netflix says, "The choice is yours, human." Users can choose the mint for free and exchange it for a small charge.

Only three NFTs have been shown so far; the rest six will be released soon. However, the locations are not disclosed yet. Additionally, interested parties can purchase this NFT on OpenSea. The collection now has over 23 thousand owners, with a starting price of 0.001 ETH.

Many viewers of the show have shown their interest and excitement about the NFTs. One fan tweeted, "can’t believe I just watched a great sequel to my favorite love death and robots episode about the correlation between wealth inequality and climate change only for it to end with a QR code to buy NFTs."

Similarly, some fans also said that the show itself was fun to watch but the NFT idea didn't get them much. Another fan said, "The new season of Love Death and Robots is easily the best and my favorite with some really funny and beautifully animated episodes. The NFTs they’re peddling on the other hand…not my cup of tea."

Love, Death + Robots Season 4 Release Date!

At this time, there is no official release date for the fourth installment of Love, Death, and Robots, which has yet to be revealed. It is, however, not impossible to speculate on when it might return on Netflix.

The first season was released in March 2019, but the next two were released in May 2021 and 2022, respectively. So, if one had to anticipate when season 4 may arrive on the streaming service, it wouldn't be crazy to say May 2023, or at the very least the summer and fall of 2023.

Unlike other animated and live-action television shows, the quality of Love, Death, and Robots Season 3 is unquestionable. While few people would disagree about which episode should win an Emmy, almost everyone would agree that the most recent season was refreshing as a whole and that the anthology series merits further seasons.

Nothing has been formally revealed, so this is simply speculation. Keep checking back here for more information and updates on Love, Death, and Robots season 4 after they become available. Nonetheless, because Volume 3 was only released a few days ago on Netflix, the streaming service may approve Season 4 in the coming months.

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