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Kim Chi's Weight Gain in 2022: Learn the Real Truth!

Jan 14, 2022 @ 6:55 EST
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Kim Chi's Weight Gain in 2022: Learn the Real Truth!

Kim Chi's recent Instagram posts put the Drag Queen in a different light, triggering speculations of weight gain. Are fans onto something with their postulation of Kimchi's weight gain? Does she have cystinosis? Let's find out.

Kim Chi is a Korean-American drag queen, reality star, and television personality, who came to be recognized after she competed in the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8. She was ranked as the 17th most powerful drag queen by New York magazine in June 2019.

Recently, Kim Chi is making rounds over the change in her physique, most prominently her weight gain.

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Did Kim Chi Gain Weight?

Recently some fans have been speculating whether Kim Chi has put on some weight even though they really should not on the unlikely possibility that the Drag Queen might see those and get triggered and self-conscious about her weight.

They did something similar four years ago when they were all praises for her when she appeared thinner. Kim Chi had been struggling with her weight for years and one time mentioned that she underwent weight gain and was 300 pounds (136 kgs) and was working to lose some of it.

She even lip-synced to a song Fat, Fem, and Asian, which was specifically written for her and was essentially a commentary on negative stereotypes in the gay dating world.

And now the speculations have hit the internet again about the reality star's weight gain. Since her Instagram bio mentions that she is a fitness model, it looks like any minor fluctuations in her weight will create a kind of mini-buzz.

The makeup artist is said to have gone to 90 kgs from her 136 kgs. However, looking at her latest Instagram posts especially in a video, the runner-up of Drag Race visibly appears bigger compared to how she looks in her post on August 31, 2021.

In the video, she has donned a black loose Scream slasher costume where she looks heavier than before, even for her 6 feet 4 inches stature. So, to answer the question, she does appear to have put on some weight, but until she publicly acknowledges it, we won't know for sure if it's her or her costume.

Kim Chi: Journey from Being Drag Queen to Make-up Queen

Kim Chi, which is her drag name; her real name is Sang-Young Shin. She was born on August 8, 1987, in the USA. She studied graphic design in college before she started working as an art director and exploring sculpture, fashion design, and painting.

The Korean-American began performing as a drag queen with the stage name Kim Chi, a pun on kimchi, a Korean dish, and also a Korean female name, in Chicago in 2012.

The reality star became the first Korean-American drag queen to be featured on American national television after she got accepted for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 in 2016. The 34-year-old lost the title to Bob the Drag Queen.

After that, Kim Chi ventured into the make-up territory and created several makeup items like Kim Chi Liquid Lip Color and  Kim Chi Electric Teal Eyeshadow in partnership with Sugarpill Cosmetics.

The drag queen released Kimchiji, a package of Kim Chi emoji which contained her catchphrases, a chicken wing, burrito bowl in November 2016.

She also appeared in her full drag makeup at Loyola Marymount University for an event A Fabulous Evening With Kim Chi: Exploring Gender Identity Through Drag in March 2017.

In April 2017, Emily Kwon, President of the Asian-Pacific American Students' Coalition invited her to perform at Arizona State University West campus for their Asian Heritage Week and Pride Week. The tall Korean-American also performed in the Werq the World 2017 tour, hosted by Bianca Del Rio and Michelle Visage.

In September 2019, the Drag Queen made an announcement about her own cosmetics line that she was developing in collaboration with Bespoke Beauty Brands launched by Toni Ko, the founder of NYX Cosmetics, called Kim Chi Chic.

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