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Cowboy Bebop: Katerina and Asimov are Identical to the Anime Characters!

Nov 23, 2021 @ 10:44 EST
Cowboy Bebop: Katerina and Asimov are Identical to the Anime Characters!

Cowboy Bebop's Katerina and Asimov Solensan are identical to their Anime counterparts. Katerina and Asimov are the beloved one-off characters on Cowboy Bebop.

Asimov Solensan and his partner Katerina Solensan are two of the Cowboy Bebop anime's most notable one-off figures.

The duo first features in the anime's opening episode, Asteroid Blues, as two drug traffickers who distribute confiscated Red Eye on the sidewalks to yearning consumers.

Asimov shows potential buyers the narcotics, while his wife transports their supply, pretending to be an expectant mother.

Katerina and Asimov are Identical to Their Anime Counterparts on Cowboy Bebop

Asimov and Katerina make an appearance in the premiere episode of Netflix's live-action show, Cowboy Gospel, much like they do in the anime.

The duo, like their anime equivalents, is still drug smugglers on the alleys of Tijuana, an asteroid. Asimov tests the drug's effects on interested bidders, while Katerina takes the role of his pregnant wife in order to tuck away their products.

Their arrival in the live-action Cowboy Bebop is almost the same as their introduction in the anime. They return to a pub to speak with a possible client, and Asimov induces himself with Red Eye.

Sadly for Asimov, his customer is assassinated by Syndicate mobsters before the deal can be completed. Asimov is fully unharmed by the bullets fired at him because Red Eye is a performance-enhancing drug.

His motor-sensory reflexes are also much faster, allowing him to dispatch the hitmen. One difference between the Netflix show and the anime is that Asimov and his customers do not employ a sequence of code words to recognize each other.

Katerina and Asimov are Among the Fan-favorite One-off Characters

Another scenario that is remarkably akin to the Cowboy Bebop anime is the first meeting between Spike Spiegel and Katerina. The details of their initial meeting alter between the anime and live-action shows, but their dialogue is practically the same.

Spike is enamored by Katerina's attractiveness once more and goes on a flirting spree with her. As he flirts with her, Katerina asks Spike if he's ever been to Mars, to which he replies that he was born.

She then tells Spike that she plans to relocate to Mars and start a new life there, but their chat is cut short by Faye Valentine. This is another big deviation from the anime.

Cowboy Bebop is currently streaming on Netflix.

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