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Kaoru Miyazaki from Love is Blind Japan: Father, Ethnicity, Parents, Instagram!

Feb 16, 2022 @ 5:54 EST
Kaoru Miyazaki from Love is Blind Japan: Father, Ethnicity, Parents, Instagram!

Kaoru Miyazaki from Love is Blind: Japan is a singer, songwriter, and radio personality who loves animals. While her ethnicity is not disclosed, Kaoru from Love is Blind comes from a family of four, which includes her divorced parents (father Aska and mother Yoko). Know more about Kaoru and Misaki's journey and whether the couple is still together on Instagram.

Love is Blind: Japan premiered on Netflix on February 8th. The first five episodes of the relationship show introduced viewers to the participants in the Japanese version of the popular social experiment, as well as the love relationships that a few of them made within the pods.

While there is still more to come from this Netflix original series, fans of the Love is Blind franchise can be certain that the idea will remain the same as the American version.

The hope-filled love seekers of today are putting love to the test to determine whether it is indeed blind. They'll pick the person they think would make the ideal life companion for them based on their first impressions.

In choosing their possible soulmate, they'll go on a unique journey to see if the choice they made by getting to know their fiancée in a series of pods over the course of days to weeks was the right one.

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Who is Kaoru Miyazaki from Love is Blind: Japan?

Kaoru Miyazaki, a 31-year-old singer-songwriter, says on Love is Blind: Japan that she's "searching for her soulmate."

"In the long term looks aren’t what’s most important," Kaoru stated during episode one, fully embracing the social experiment. Kaoru revealed that in her twenties, she dated someone for nine years but that "it wasn't meant to be," and that she hasn't dated too much since then.

Kaoru is from Tokyo, but her singing career has taken her over the globe. Kaoru Miyazaki's Instagram profile has her singing her own songs as well as covers of songs such as Ed Sheeran and Camila Cabello's South Of The Border, and Charlie Puth's One Call Away.

Miyazaki has visited LA, San Diego, New York, and many more locations, according to her Instagram feed. Her travels have also seen her tagged in Kruger National Park on Instagram, and she stated on Love is Blind that she had visited Kenya.

During Love is Blind, Kaoru mentions having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and anybody who has visited her Instagram profile will notice that she adores her canine friend.

Miyazaki describes herself as an "Animal Lover" in her Instagram bio, and according to her previous postings, she has seen lions, elephants, and cheetahs in the wild. Kaoru's Instagram photos show her horseback riding and meeting adorable dogs when she's not singing.

Misaki and Kaoru’s Love is Blind Japan Journey: Are They Still Together?

Misaki Hirotani (@misaki_jambo), the coach of Kenya's National Baseball Team, has always wanted a partner who would be willing to travel to Africa with him, which is why Kaoru Miyazaki (@kaorumiyazaki_official) attracted his interest right away.

After all, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter acknowledged that she had visited (and enjoyed) Kenya as soon as he heard his occupation, giving them a lot in common.

The fact that they are both animal lovers with dogs drew them even closer together, and they were really eager about strengthening their friendship with each passing day.

Misaki and Kaoru then talked about everything, from their backgrounds to their hobbies, before the latter admitted she's afraid to tell him about a part of her family's history because she knows he'd laugh it off.

The 31-year-old suggested sharing it when they met, which Kaoru was planning on doing anyway, bringing them to the joyful realization that they didn't want to be with anyone else.

Misaki then claimed that he was ready to move on to the next level, but before he could, his partner requested another chat and admitted that they were not emotionally on the same page. Kaoru did add, though, that if it's alright with him, she'll continue the experiment because she knows her passion is late in catching up with her.

Despite being too careful, she wanted to be honest, so when Misaki proposed the next day, they both knew what they were getting into.

Despite Kaoru's confession, Misaki not only did not hide his feelings while proposing, but their face-to-face meeting also made it evident that they were delighted they had chosen each other.

As time went on, however, things between the pair became rocky, especially because she began to believe he was a bit of an "airhead" who didn't care about her. Kaoru also required Misaki to be more honest and open with her, something he supposedly never did.

Unfortunately, this, along with the obvious lack of contacts between Misaki and Kaoru on social media sites, gives the impression that they are no longer together. Apart from not following each other on Instagram, it appears that the singer-songwriter/radio personality is presently based in Tokyo, while the certified coach is still in East Africa.

In summary, both people appear to be concentrating on their own jobs these days, far apart from one another. Nonetheless, nothing is certain as of this writing because neither Misaki nor Kaoru has confirmed or denied anything.

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