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Judy Wang and Wai Lee: Stella's Fowler Motel Murders' Dark Secrets!

Mar 13, 2022 @ 14:28 EDT
Judy Wang and Wai Lee: Stella's Fowler Motel Murders' Dark Secrets!

Judy Wang and Wai Lee were murdered by Stella Guidry Nestle - the non-biological grandmother of Tyler Henry - who spent more than 30 years in jail. However, fans have been wondering about the murder case and the reason Stella killed Fowler Motel owner Judy Wang and her boyfriend Wai Lee. Here is everything we know about Stella's Fowler Motel murders.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry, a new Netflix original series, premiered on the streaming platform on March 11th, 2022. Tyler is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and well-known clairvoyant mediums in the world.

On the Netflix show Life After Death with Tyler Henry, he shows off his psychic abilities. There's more to this show than warm sentiments and chilly reads; there's a genuine crime happening, and the case he's attempting to solve is about his family.

Tyler Henry's grandmother, Stella Guidry Nestle, involved her children in a variety of schemes, and she also murdered Judy Wang and her boyfriend, Wai Lee.

Stella buried two bodies in a small grave with the help of her son Peter, who was 18 at the time of the cut-off date. Let's know more about Stella's crime and the murders of Judy Wang and Wai Lee.

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Fowler Motel: Why Did Stella Murder Judy Wang and Her Boyfriend Wai Lee?

One of the most terrible aspects was Stella Guidry Nestle's alleged mistreatment of her children, which the Netflix original implies includes locking them in closets or otherwise harming them. As if that wasn't bad enough, she also killed Judy Wang, the owner of the Fowler Motel, and her boyfriend Wai Lee.

Two unidentified remains were discovered on Friday, July 22, 1977, according to The Fresno Bee on July 26, 1977. The bodies were placed on top of one other in a shallow grave barely three feet away from one of the motel rooms, each with multiple gunshot wounds.

Stella's initial idea was to call the authorities and claim that she had been contacted by someone else who informed her that someone had been slain and buried on the property. The couple had been buried for nearly a week before they were discovered, according to investigators.

Later, Peter (Stella's son) claimed that his mother wanted control of the motel, and he appears to be correct: she wanted control of the motel. Stella was a maid at Fowler, but she told investigators that Judy Wang had put her in control of the motel while she and her partner went on a trip to Taiwan. According to Stella, on July 15, Wang and her partner left her in control of the motel.

On July 16, Stella called the cops to report that a group of armed men had robbed the motel in the morning and threatened to return that night. That's pretty much the same tale she told Peter to get him to come to assist her to bury Judy Wang and Wai Lee's dead bodies. The officers then set up a perimeter around the motel and arrested four people; two men and two women who had arrived that night.

"Yep, those are the people who threatened me!", Stella reported. If you read the police report from before the bodies were discovered, you'll notice that they seem to take Stella's word for it and only arrest four people who were staying at the motel. When Stella eventually informed the police about the bodies she buried, she had some cover and some probable suspects.

Judy Wang and Wai Lee Murder Aftermath: What Happened After Stella Was Found Guilty?

It didn't take long for the cops to discover the truth about what had occurred. Stella Guidry Nestle was arrested six days after the bodies were discovered, on July 28, 1977.

Peter was detained a few days later, on August 2, and told investigators that his mother had persuaded him to believe that Judy Wang and Wai Lee were murdered by some Mexicans.

Stella was sentenced to two life sentences in jail for the murders in May 1978. Peter was sentenced to two years of probation for assisting his mother in the burial of the corpses.

When it was discovered that the only witness was the person who actually committed the murders of Judy Wang and Wai Lee, the charges against the four people detained for reportedly attempting to rob and extort the Fowler were dismissed.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry shows a short summary of the crime because the show is more interested in the emotional consequences of what happened than with the specifics.

Without going into the extortion attempt or the dark aspects of Stella's hostile takeover of the Fowler Motel, the season gives you all of the important details. Sure, there was a lot more to this case, but Tyler Henry's presentation is about healing in the present rather than reopening old traumas.

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