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Joseph Quinn’s Girlfriend in 2022: Doja Cat or Alicia Davis? Who Is the Eddie Munson Actor Dating?

Aug 11, 2022 @ 1:03 EDT
Joseph Quinn’s Girlfriend in 2022: Doja Cat or Alicia Davis? Who Is the Eddie Munson Actor Dating?

Joseph Quinn, the star of Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4, does not have a girlfriend and is single as of 2022. Even if the Eddie Munson actor was recently linked to Doja Cat and Alicia Davis, all of the gossips was nothing but just rumors. However, we can soon expect him to get a girlfriend or even get married as he is already 29 years old and his stardom has skyrocketed since he was cast in the Netflix series.

Joseph Quinn is an English actor who was born on May 15, 1993. His work on British television, including his roles in the films Dickensian (2016), Howards End (2017), and Catherine the Great (2019), is what has made him most well-known. However, a career break after starring as Eddie Munson in Season 4 of Netflix's Stranger Things in 2022.

Since his masterful performance in the latest season, which concluded with Eddie's heartbreaking sacrifice in the action-packed season finale, the 29-year-old British actor has deservedly earned the title of Internet Boyfriend. He has been making major headlines time and again since he was cast in the Netflix series.

In addition to being moved by his depiction of Eddie Munson as the leader of the Dungeons & Dragons-playing Hellfire Club, the fanbase also developed an interest in the actor's private life. As a result, many fans have been curious about Quinn's dating life. Who do you think is Joseph Quinn's girlfriend in 2022? Let's find the truth.

Joseph Quinn’s Girlfriend in 2022: The Stranger Things Was Previously Linked to Doja Cat and Alicia Davis; Is the Eddie Munson Actor Dating Any of Them?

Joseph Quinn (@josephuinn) doesn't seem to have a girlfriend or dating anyone in 2022, at least not in the public. That does not, however, exclude the possibility that he is seeing someone in private. The Eddie Munson actor was previously linked to Doja Cat and Alicia Davis. However, it later turned out to be nothing but just rumors.

Quinn has been acting continuously for more than ten years, yet he has successfully managed to keep his personal life quiet throughout that time. His absence from social media is as good of a sign as any that the heartthrob leads a private lifestyle. The actor just started using Instagram in May, and he primarily used it to promote Stranger Things.

On the other hand, it's possible that Noah Schnapp indirectly confirmed Joseph Quinn's single status. Doja Cat, who had previously shown her affection for Quinn in public, recently asked Schnapp to connect her with Quinn over Instagram DM. She soon sent a follow-up message in which she questioned Quinn's relationship status.

The young actor, who is 17 years old, then replied by texting, "LMAOO slide into his dms." Schnapp simply sent a link to Quinn's profile as a response to Doja rather than directly revealing Quinn's current relationship status.

If Schnapp knew Quinn was dating someone, he probably would have told Doja before sending her the link to Quinn's Instagram profile. Quinn's relationship status may be single based on their brief interaction.

Similarly, after a few TikTok videos hit the internet, rumors that Joseph Quinn might be dating Alicia spread like wildfire. The site is currently overrun with videos that are circulating these rumors.

These videos' red-haired girl does resemble model Alicia Davis (@alicia.davis). The top that the model is seen wearing in several of her Instagram photos is also on the girl in the clips. Fans immediately assumed the man in the video was Joseph due to the man's likeness to him. Additionally, Joseph can be frequently seen wearing similar suits on other occasions.

However, Joseph Quinn's face is not visible in any of the clips, therefore, it is impossible to tell if the man is him. Seeing all the stardom and praise he is getting every day, it seems like the Stranger Things currently can get anybody he likes.

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