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Meet John McAfee’s Girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, and Wife, Janice Dyson: Children, Daughter & First Wife; Netflix Documentary Update!

Aug 27, 2022 @ 5:04 EDT
Meet John McAfee’s Girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, and Wife, Janice Dyson: Children, Daughter & First Wife; Netflix Documentary Update!

John McAfee's girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, and wife, Janice Dyson, were very much involved after the tech millionaire started facing problems in the 2010s. While John claimed that he had 47 children, his daughter with his first wife is the only one who is recognized as John's child. However, her identity hasn't been disclosed yet. Follow to know more about John McAfee's other wives and what his partners have to say about him in the documentary.

A new Netflix documentary titled Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee deals with true crime and a lot of insanity. We follow John McAfee as he escapes nearly every government starting in 2012. One hour and 45 minutes might seem like a long runtime. But this might have easily been turned into a docu-series.

There are undoubtedly many stories (and footage) there. Importantly, it never tries to turn him into a villain or a hero. Archival footage from John's time on the run is shown to viewers throughout the 100-minute documentary, and we also get to meet the two women who were at his side during that time.

Samantha Herrera, who was one of John's ex-girlfriends, and Janice Dyson, his third wife, are also introduced in the Netflix documentary who were important people during the difficult times of John. Let's have detailed information about John McAfee's wife and girlfriend.

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John McAfee’s Girlfriend & Wife: The Tech Millionaire Was in a Relationship With Samantha Herrera Before Getting Married to His Third Wife, Janice Dyson; Children, Daughter & First Wife!

Over the course of his life, John McAfee has been married three times. Though little is known about their identity, it is rumored that his first wife was a student. Judy McAfee, a former flight attendant, was the bride of his second marriage. The couple separated in 2002. He then was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha Herrera, before getting married to his third wife, Janice Dyson.

Two of John's partners are introduced to us in the documentary. The first is Samantha Herrera, who started dating John when she was just 18 years old. Early in McAfee's escape, the couple escaped from Belize to Guatemala.

John McAfee previously suffered a heart attack while in Guatemala, which oddly permitted him to return to the US, raising some questions about the circumstances. McAfee lamented the fact that Herrera couldn't travel with him to the United States at the time but afterward claimed that Herrera had set him up. Herrera, however, had already seen her fair share of highs and lows with McAfee by this point.

When McAfee's next-door neighbor, Gregory Faull, passed away in 2012 under questionable circumstances, he started to worry that the Belizean government would come after him since he thought he had the means to expose their corruption. Herrera decided to follow him as he escaped. They intended to get married, and as they crossed into Guatemala, it appeared that they may be safe in America.

The couple's journey, however, came to an end at this point. Samantha said at the film's conclusion that John McAfee called her two weeks after his death and said:

I don't know if I should say. But two weeks ago, after his death, I got a call from Texas. 'It's me, John. I paid off people to pretend that I am dead, but I am not dead. There are only three persons in this world that knows that I'm still alive.' And then he asked me to run away with him.

Samantha and John split after he began dating Janice Dyson, whom he ultimately married. Janice first met McAfee in 2013. She had previously worked as an escort at a café in Miami Beach. Despite having an age difference of over forty years, McAfee and Janice connected.

Getting married to John McAfee allowed Janice to get away from her challenging and frequently violent employment. She acknowledges in the Netflix documentary that she first only agreed to marry McAfee because she saw it as an escape. But soon she started to adore him.

John's wife was a target for McAfee's enemies because they wanted to use her to get to him because she was the one who knew him best. She said that a cartel had intimidated her and had instructed her at one point to poisoning McAfee in addition to ordering her to spy on him.

She was even forced into doing their bidding, but she ultimately made the decision to tell McAfee what was going on, and they were able to find a solution. Following this, Janice and McAfee began to make plans for the future. McAfee then founded the security and privacy company Future Tense Central based on Janice's concept. They had to escape, this time to the Bahamas after events took a terrible turn. Everything took a downward turn from this point.

John McAfee's wife continues to cherish the time they spent together and strives toward learning the truth about what really happened to him in the Spanish prison, despite how much her husband's death burdens her.

Additionally, John also claimed that he has 47 children from his involvement with multiple women over the course of his life. However, his immediate family is only believed to be the daughter in question who was born to his first wife.

Before leaving, find out about John McAfee's boat. Additionally, know about his mental health.

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