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Meet John McAfee’s Daughter, Jen McAfee: How Many Children/Kids Did the Tech Millionaire Have? Does He Have a Son?

Aug 27, 2022 @ 9:21 EDT
Meet John McAfee’s Daughter, Jen McAfee: How Many Children/Kids Did the Tech Millionaire Have? Does He Have a Son?

John McAfee once claimed that he has 47 children, however, his daughter, Jen McAfee, is the only child who is recognized as his blood officially. The tech millionaire also confessed that he has 61 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. However, no information about his other possible sons and daughters except Jen is available right now.

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is a documentary that explores the complexities of the once-famous IT pioneer's years spent on the run. That's because this Netflix original really gives insight into the complexities of his unique personality by exploring not only his substance usage but also his odd habits, falsehoods, and manipulations.

If there is one name that is completely synonymous with computer antivirus software, it is John McAfee. The popular McAfee antivirus application was developed by the British-American businessman and two-time presidential candidate. The software is still used by millions of people today.

In the course of his eventful life, John would go on to face murder charges in Belize in 2012 and be detained for tax evasion in Spain in 2020, all of which occurred before his death in 2021. The Netflix documentary showcases all of his good deeds and wrongdoings. Apart from the show, the viewers are also interested to learn about his daughter, the only child who John accepts is his blood. Let's find it out.

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John McAfee’s Daughter: Jen McAfee Is the Tech Millionaire’s Only Official Child Among His 47 Claimed Children/Kids; It Is Possible He May Have Had Multiple Sons as Well!

Among John McAfee's children/kids, his daughter named Jen McAfee is the only child who is officially his child. The tech millionaire once tweeted that he has 47 children, however, we're unaware how many of them were sons and how many of them were daughters.

Some famous people simply wind up with enormous families, but John seems to have taken that idea to a whole new level while he was alive. The businessman talked about both the number of his family and his particular relationship with them in a thread on Twitter from the year 2020. He tweeted,

I'm not here to give you solutions; for anything. That's for you young folks of mine to do: My lazy children, grand children and great-grand children. Yes. I have great-grand children. I'm here to point to the reality around you. Which you children are so fond of ignoring.

John McAfee further added, "Since you asked: I have 47 children. 61 grand children. 19 great-grand children. I have met none of my great-grand children."

By anyone's standards, that was a pretty sizable family, but John didn't seem too concerned about it. However, the only member of his direct family that is officially recognized is his daughter. According to reports, he reportedly had Jen McAfee, his daughter, with his first wife somewhere in the early 1970s.

For a long time, John McAfee kept her private from the world, but in his NFT documentary Uninstalled, he confessed,

I think I treated my daughter like I would treat anyone. Just an average human being. It didn’t work out very well because she was far more dependent… I was way too young to be a father, even though I wanted to be a father. I was stoned out of my mind on every conceivable type of drug and was not the type of father that my daughter wanted, and certainly not the type of father my wife would like me to have been… I did the best with what I had.

Despite their difficult beginnings, it seems as though John and his daughter did eventually get along since she not only made a statement following his death but also fought for his remains. She admitted through her lawyer Joy Athanasiou that she truly loved her father, regardless of his multi-million dollar fortune; she just never really agreed with his way of life.

According to reports, he didn't have any kids in his second or third marriages. Therefore, it's possible that Jen Macfee's mother was John McAfee's first wife. Additionally, John's daughter, Jen, is reportedly fighting for custody of her father.

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