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John McAfee’s Boat/Yacht: The Tech Millionaire Made a Video on His Freedom Boat Announcing His 2020 Presidential Campaign!

Aug 28, 2022 @ 3:56 EDT
John McAfee’s Boat: The Tech Millionaire Made a Video on His Yacht Announcing His 2020 Presidential Campaign!

John McAfee had a personal boat/yacht which he initially used to party carrying loads of drugs, weapons, and women. However, he later used it to escape from the U.S. authorities after he was charged with multiple accusations right before his death. He later named it a 'Freedom Boat' and also made a video on it announcing his Presidential Campaign in 2020.

The newest true-crime documentary on Netflix is about technology tycoon and businessman John McAfee, and it has a Hollywood blockbuster-worthy story to tell. Following the titular businessman's departure from Belize in 2012 following the passing of his neighbor, Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee explores his journey. The Netflix documentary premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

The feature-length documentary chronicles the life of John McAfee, the inventor of the first anti-virus software to be sold commercially. This project went on to become one of the most popular pieces of software in the world, and as a result, McAfee's peak net worth was $100 million.

In the Netflix documentary, it is reported that John McAfee had a private boat/yacht. He spent a lot of days in his boat escaping from the U.S. authorities. Many viewers want to know about his early life days on his boat before his death. Well, we've got you covered.

Previously, we touched on John McAfee's daughter, his net worth, and his birth chart. Additionally, we also discussed his addiction to bath salts.

John McAfee’s Boat: The Business Tycoon Spent His Last Days on His Yacht Before His Death; Here’s a Video of Him Announcing His Presidential Campaign on His Freedom Boat!

After Gregory Faull, John McAfee's neighbor in Belize, passed away in questionable circumstances in 2012, McAfee fled and enlisted the help of a film team to capture the incident on camera. The documentary tells the story of McAfee's time spent on the run, including his alleged fake heart attack, an illegal departure from Belize, escape from police in Guatemala, and months at sea on a "Freedom Boat" carrying drugs, alcohol, and weapons.

Just hours after Spain's National Court approved his extradition to the US, where he was wanted on tax-related criminal charges carrying a potential 30-year jail sentence, his death—reportedly by hanging—was made public.
The judgment might have been appealed, and the Spanish Cabinet would have had to approve the extradition in its final form.

Just days before John McAfee's passing, his wife had warned that the authorities were determined to have him die in prison. Following a series of controversies, including claims that he was complicit in a murder in the jungle and the subject of numerous CIA pursuits, McAfee was finally arrested in 2019.

After moving to the jungle with a harem of seven young ladies and earning $84 million (£60 million) from his cyber-security software firm, he claimed that this lifestyle was "less stressful" than marriage. In order to keep up with his young lovers, McAfee also purchased a luxurious boat, began injecting testosterone into his butt to stay young himself, and eventually marry a prostitute.

Later, John McAfee went to many places with his wife and other friends on his yacht after he was charged with multiple allegations by the U.S. government. He would randomly start firing guns. He was even caught twice by the police in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. He was then forced to leave his boat.

After months of legal battles, the Spanish National Court granted John's request for extradition to the US so that he could answer the allegations that were brought against him. McAfee was discovered dead in his cell at Brians 2 Penitentiary Center in Barcelona on the same day, June 23, 2021, after allegedly committing suicide by hanging. This was later confirmed by an official autopsy in February 2022.

11 months after his passing, in May 2022, the Independent reported that McAfee's body was still being held by Spanish officials and that the legal process for releasing his remains might take the full year.

Additionally, here is a video while John McAfee was on his boat announcing the 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Before leaving, find out what went wrong with John McAfee. Additionally, know about his mental health.

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