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Was John McAfee Addicted to Bath Salts? Is It a Drug? Did the Tech Millionaire Try to Manufacture It on His Own?

Aug 29, 2022 @ 21:58 EDT
Was John McAfee Addicted to Bath Salts? Is It a Drug? Did the Tech Millionaire Try to Manufacture It on His Own?

John McAfee was reportedly addicted to MDPV aka bath salts which is a psychoactive drug. The tech millionaire openly admitted that it was the best drug he ever had. He even tried to manufacture it on his own after the quality of commercially available MDPV/bath salts deteriorated while he was on a run in Belize. 

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee, a Netflix documentary by Charlie Russell, is based on footage of John McAfee during the last ten years of his life when he hopscotched between Miami, Central America, and tropical islands. However, what it lacks in showing consistency, it makes up for in close-up chaos.

John McAfee acquired incredible wealth by protecting other people's computers, but at some point in his life, the well-known creator of antivirus software decided that the only way to protect himself was to move overseas, arm himself to the teeth, consume copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and frequently flee from the police and mysterious forces that he perceived lurking around every corner.

McAfee strikes me as a smart, conceited, wealthy man whose mind has been muddled by much too many illegal chemicals, including bath salts. Previously, we've discussed different aspects of John's life. Today, let's get to know his crazy relationship with bath salts. Pretty sure, many of you are eager to know about it. Well, let's get started.

Previously, we touched on John McAfee's daughter, his net worth, and his birth chart. Additionally, we also discussed his mental health and boat/yacht.

John McAfee Was Addicted to Bath Salts Which Reportedly Helped Him Last Long While Having s*x: What Actually Is Bath Salts? Is It a Drug?

After the death of his neighbor in 2012, Gregory Faull, John McAfee was a prime suspect and he decided to flee from the US authorities. He was already addicted to MDPV, a psychoactive drug also known as bath salts. He was then suspected of many crimes. However, he was never arrested and flew to Belize.

After being charged with multiple allegations, John McAfee escapes to Belize after selling all of his US assets where they do not recognize US law and anyone seeking any sort of compensation from John as a result of any US ruling will probably never see that money.

While he was on the run, market shifts and the quality of commercially available MDPV/bath salts deteriorates. This is where his life gets way too much involved with bath salts. He then decides to produce his own high-grade MDPV.

That's right. The freebasing of bath salts starts. He starts manufacturing the crack version of the same stuff that makes people chew your face off. He starts posting on a drug forum in search of suggestions and guidance in his quest to create the greatest face-eating zombie powder.

You see, when John was attempting to freebase bath salts, he seemed to have discovered a completely new narcotic along the way. At least, he believes that. He is told by every chemist and chemical company that what he has is still simply plain old MDPV, which is understandable given that all he is doing is concentrating on it. Nevertheless, he is convinced that his free base is still in some way different.

Like the great alchemists, he used magic to transform ordinary things into the truly divine. By divine, I mean that after taking just 5 mg of his special bath salt zombie crack, he and his 17-year-old girlfriend engaged in 8 hours of uncontrolled, wild monkey s*x.

Members of the forum were understandably doubtful that he had discovered the Holy Grail of bath salts, especially because John freely acknowledged that his freebase approach was a little messy, crude, time-consuming, and rarely yields the desired effect. He then started taking advice. On May 13, 2020, he even explained about bath salts on his Twitter.

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