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Joanna Teplin's $2 Million Net Worth: The Home Edit Update!

Apr 4, 2022 @ 13:13 EDT
Joanna Teplin's $2 Million Net Worth: The Home Edit Update!

Joanna Teplin, the co-founder of The Home Edit, has a net worth of a whopping $2 million in 2022. She along with Clea Shearer started a home organizing show titled Get Organized with The Home Edit in 2020 and the show is back with Season 2 on Netflix. Know everything about Joanna Teplin's net worth in detail right here.

Joanna Teplin is an American home decor expert, TV personality, and businesswoman best known for co-founding and owning The Home Edit, a well-known home design and interior styling firm in the United States.

Furthermore, she was born and raised in California, United States, where she received her bachelor's in Film/Cinema/Video Studies from the University of California.

Joanna Teplin co-founded the company, The Home Edit, with Clea Shearer in 2015, and with a five-year track record, she has solidified her position in the business world. Teplin has made a name for herself in Hollywood with the second season of Netflix's popular reality show Get Organized with The Home Edit.

It's a show that Joanna and her business partner Clea Shearer established in 2020 to demonstrate their ability to manage and arrange things in celebrities' homes.

With that, fans have been wondering to know more about Joanna Teplin, including the net worth of the co-founder of The Home Edit. Well, here is everything we know about Joanna Teplin.

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Joanna Teplin's Net Worth is $2 Million in 2022!

Keeping your home in order has never been more enjoyable or simple than with The Home Edit. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, two professionals, are in charge of the home organizing company.

The women have built a name for themselves around the country and now cater to celebrity clients. Viewers have been very familiar with Clea as she is an actress as well as a model. So, let's have a glimpse at Joanna's journey and her net worth as of 2022.

Joanna and her husband, Jeremy Rubin, moved to Nashville in 2013 after Jeremy's work assigned him there. She reached Clea two years later, and they discovered many similarities in their personalities.

Following that, they founded The Home Edit (@thehomeedit), a company that specialized in improving the aesthetics of home interiors.

It took a lot of hard effort to establish the company, but Clea and Joanna did it, and now they are contacted by numerous celebrities who require their help. When Joanna's company's revenue was booming, she considered applying her filmmaking skills and discussed it with Clea Shearer.

Their conversation resulted in the production of the home organizing show, which was eventually approved by Netflix.

Shearer and Teplin have grown The Home Edit into one of the most sought-after organizing teams. They also have published three books over the years: The Home Edit Workbook, The Home Edit Life, and The Home Edit. As of 2022, Joanna is estimated to be worth $2.1 million.

We don't have information on her assets, which contribute to her fortune, because she is a private person on social media, thus the net worth is an estimate.

We do know, though, that Joanna has made the most of her money through television shows. It all started with Master the Mess, and now the global success of Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit. Joanna's revenues are largely derived from an exclusive line of products developed by the two of them.

Joanna Teplin's Life Before Meeting Her Business Partner Clea Shearer

As mentioned above, Joanna Teplin co-founded The Home Edit, a home organization and design company with her best friend and business partner Clea Shearer.

Teplin, 42, was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on August 20, 1979. Teplin's father, Dr. Stuart, is a doctor in North Carolina, and her mother, Sari, is a healthcare consultant in the neighborhood.

Joanna started working at a greeting card and invitation company after she graduated. She later went into the wedding planning business, where she discovered she has a passion for arranging other aspects of people's lives as well.

As a result, Joanna moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with the intention of beginning her own organizing company.

Teplin met Shearer by coincidence through a mutual friend, and the two became business partners as a result of the unexpected connection. In 2015, the duo gained notoriety after offering their high-profile friends free services in exchange for a few good Instagram posts.

Big celebrities like Molly Sims, Reese Witherspoon, and others became clients as the business grew. Their TV show, Get Organized with The Home Edit, was also a hit, and it has been renewed for a second season.

The second season of the home organizing show premiered on April 1, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. No doubt, everyone has been excited about the show as its first season won the hearts of many during the covid-19 pandemic.

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