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Jo Brand's Weight Loss Journey: Overcoming Body Shaming

Sep 30, 2023 @ 10:31 EDT
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Jo Brand weight loss 3 and a half stone few months body positivity 2023

Jo Brand's weight loss journey has been inspiring for most but hurtful for her. For years she had to deal with mean comments and finally getting to her ideal weight the comedian can live her life.

Jo Brand, the renowned comedian known for her sharp wit and self-deprecating humor, has been open about her weight loss journey and the challenges she faced in a society often obsessed with appearance. In a recent podcast, she shared insights into her past experiences, shedding light on her weight loss, body positivity, and the impact of societal expectations.

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Jo Brand Weight Loss: A Candid Reflection

Jo Brand's weight loss journey began around the age of 19 when she experienced a rapid drop of about three and a half stone in just a few months. During a podcast with Lorraine Kelly and her daughter Rosie, Jo revealed that the sudden weight loss led to a shift in how people, particularly a male friend, perceived her. She candidly spoke about the discomfort of the changed dynamic in relationships after losing weight.

Jo Brand weight loss netflixdeed.comJo Brand's weight loss journey went from morbidly obese to losing three and a half stone.
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"I lost about three and a half stone in a few months," Jo shared. "And this guy that I knew, who I was really good mates with… his attitude towards me had totally changed - he was a bit sort of slimy and pervy."

Despite the societal pressure to conform to certain beauty standards, Jo acknowledged that the weight she lost was eventually regained within six months, prompting introspection about her own consciousness and the societal influences that had played a role.

Body Positivity and Societal Changes: Late but Admirable

In a separate podcast, Jo Brand expressed admiration for the contemporary body positivity movement. However, she noted that it had come too late for her. After years of being subjected to societal norms and fat-shaming, she expressed confusion about how young women today have the confidence to embrace their bodies and wear plus-size ensembles.

"There’s a very different attitude towards it now, which I kind of admire in a way, but I’m saddled with the 'you shameful hulk' attitude that we had in my day," Jo reflected.

Despite the positive changes in attitudes towards body positivity, Jo revealed that she still struggles with the ingrained societal views that characterized her youth.

Challenges in the Entertainment Industry: Defying Expectations

Jo Brand, known for her unfiltered humor, shared anecdotes about the challenges she faced in the entertainment industry regarding her appearance. She disclosed instances where studio staff discussed making her look more "feminine" or "pretty," reflecting the prevalent expectations of that era.

"I can remember little discussions that I overheard about the way that I looked, couldn't they make me be a bit more... feminine, pretty, you know?" she recounted on the fashion podcast "Who Are You Wearing?"

Her resistance to conforming to traditional beauty standards included humorous instances, such as refusing to wear towering stiletto heels on a quiz show for safety reasons.

Stylist's Role and Evolution of Fashion Choices

Jo Brand's stylist, Karen Jackson, plays a pivotal role in choosing her outfits for television appearances. While Jo humorously admitted that she wouldn't choose anything "posh or nice" herself, she trusts her stylist's choices, acknowledging that her daughters affirm the stylist's selections.

Jo Brand weight loss 3 and a half stone netflixdeed.comLosing three and a half stone allowed Jo Brand to maintain her health.
Photo Credit: Instagram

"I know that what she picks for me does look nice because my daughters say it does," Jo mentioned.

Her fashion choices have evolved over the years, with a lighthearted reference to past fashion faux pas on Channel 4's "Friday Night Live." Through humor, she emphasizes the importance of authenticity in personal style.

In conclusion, Jo Brand's weight loss journey reflects not only physical changes but also her resilience in navigating societal expectations. Her candid reflections on body positivity, humor-infused anecdotes, and resistance to conformity make her a unique and inspiring figure in the entertainment industry. Jo Brand's journey serves as a reminder that self-acceptance and authenticity are powerful tools in overcoming the pressures of appearance-centric societal norms.

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