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Jean Reno From Who Killed Sara: Meet Dr. Reinaldo Actor/Cast in the Netflix Show!

May 26, 2022 @ 6:47 EDT
Jean Reno From Who Killed Sara: Meet Dr. Reinaldo Actor/Cast in the Netflix Show!

Jean Reno, one of the cast members of Netflix's Who Killed Sara Season 3, plays the role of Dr. Reinaldo in the Netflix series. The French actor is also popular for his role in The Pink Panther. Reinaldo is the father of Nicandro and also the leader of The Medusa Project. He is somehow connected to Sara's death. Follow the article to know more about Jean Reno and his character in Who Killed Sara.

'Who Killed Sara?' (original title: 'Quién mató a Sara?') returns for a third season on Netflix, wrapping up the long-running titular mystery. The possibilities have never been higher, and for a brief moment, Sara appears to be alive after all.  The vainglorious Lazcano family has likewise been flipped on its head, and they now find themselves bankrupt and more split than ever.

Alex discovers that Sara survived the parachute crash and was confined at a secret facility where she gave birth to a daughter. Then there's the mysterious Reinaldo, a previously undisclosed component of the puzzle. Reinaldo is actually Cesar's old friend who is the mastermind behind the complex conspiracy to kidnap Sara while making it appear as if she is dead.

The role of Reinaldo is played by Jean Reno. Viewers of the show have been curious to know more about Reno and his character in the show. Well, here is everything we know about Jean Reno and Reinaldo.

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Who Killed Sara: Jean Reno is the Actor/Cast Behind Dr. Reinaldo!

Dr. Reinaldo, played by French actor Jean Reno, turns out to be Nicandro's father and the Medusa Project's leader.  The Medusa Project appears to be a psychiatric project in which Reinaldo kidnaps and commits persons who he believes need his care. Daniela, Reinaldo's daughter, is also exposed to this treatment.

Nicandro called his father to inform him what happened when Sara was taken to the hospital after the parachute ropes were cut, and Reinaldo arrived at the hospital to take complete responsibility for Sara.

Sara wouldn't survive where she was, therefore he was told she needed to be transported to Mexico, which seemed to fit in well with Reinaldo's plan to enroll her in his Medusa Project. One of the consequences of this was that he had Sara declared dead, which led to the show's premise.

Sara had been kidnapped and confined to a mental institution, rather than being dead. Sara's mother, Lucia, takes her to see Doctor Alanis, who she believes is conducting tests on her daughter to help manage her schizophrenia, but instead of Doctor Alanis, she sees another female doctor who says they must begin treatment immediately and that they have the perfect experimental plan for Sara.

Once the doctor receives Sara's mother's permission to treat her, we witness her call Reinaldo and inform him that she has discovered the ideal subject for the Medusa Project. This leads Reinaldo to travel to Mexico, where he meets up with his friend César Lazcano. Now, let's talk about who Jean Reno is.

Juan Moreno y Herrera–Jiménez (@official_jeanreno), better known by his stage name Jean Reno, is a French actor of Andalusian Spanish descent. Reno has appeared in films like Crimson Rivers, Godzilla, The Da Vinci Code, Mission: Impossible, The Pink Panther, Ronin, Les Visiteurs, Wasabi, The Big Blue, Hector, and the Search for Happiness.

Reno went on to study acting at the Cours Simon School of Drama at the age of 17 and subsequently served in the French Army for four years. He decided to pursue acting, which had been a childhood dream, as soon as his service was completed. Juan changed his surname to Reno and assumed the French form of his name, Jean, after obtaining acting jobs in France.

Jean Reno was called on to play heavies in his early career because of his size (1.88 m or 6 ft 2 in). Later in his career, he acted in romantic comedies and action movies. He began his cinematic career in France, where he appeared in many of Luc Besson's films, including the early Le Dernier Combat. The actor is a father of six children and has been married three times.

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