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Janice McAfee/Dyson’s Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth & Instagram of John McAfee’s Wife; Where Is She Now?

Aug 30, 2022 @ 9:31 EDT
Janice McAfee/Dyson’s Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth & Instagram of John McAfee’s Wife; Where Is She Now?

Janice McAfee, previously known as Janice Dyson, got married to John McAfee in 2013 in order to escape from her violent employers. However, she eventually fell in love with the tech millionaire. Janice, who is 39 years old in 2022, now lives in San Francisco, California, with her 3 children. However, her net worth is yet to be revealed. Follow the article to know more about Janice McAfee with her complete Wikipedia and Instagram handle (@jelizabethmcafee).

Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee is a documentary that dives into the complexities of the years that the formerly well-known IT pioneer John McAfee spent on the run. That's because this Netflix original really sheds light on the complexities of his unique personality by exploring not only his drug usage but also his odd habits, falsehoods, and manipulations.

Thanks to his antiviral software, John McAfee became well-known all over the world. However, he came to the forefront with a sequence of behaviors that branded him as an incredibly unpredictable man long after his product had become a mainstay for everyone with a computer.

Nobody knew what he would do next, and while McAfee may have seemed irrational and incomprehensible to some, his wife Janice McAfee credits him with changing the path of her life. We get a look into their marriage in the Netflix documentary. Well, let's find out more about John's wife, Janice, right below.

Janice McAfee/Dyson’s Wikipedia: She Got Married to John McAfee in 2013; Age, Net Worth & Instagram; Where Is She Now?

Janice McAfee/Dyson, who is currently 39 years old, first met John in 2013. As of now, she (@jelizabethmcafee) lives in San Francisco, California. However, her net worth has not yet been disclosed,

Janice, a Guatemalan-born person, first met McAfee in 2013. She had previously worked as an escort at a café in Miami Beach. Despite having an age difference of over forty years, McAfee and Janice connected. She explained,

I met John the night he was deported from Guatemala. He looked as defeated as I felt. I think we recognized in each other the same feelings of loneliness and emptiness.

Being with McAfee provided Janice with a getaway from her tough, and frequently violent, employers. She admits in the Netflix documentary that she first only agreed to marry McAfee because she saw it as an escape. But soon she started to love him.

Janice McAfee was a target for McAfee's adversaries because they wanted to use her to get to him because she was the one who knew him best. She said that a cartel had intimidated her and had instructed her at one point to poisoning McAfee in addition to ordering her to spy on him. She was forced into doing their bidding, but she ultimately made the decision to tell McAfee what was going on, and they were able to find a solution.

Following this, Janice and McAfee began to make plans for the future. McAfee then formed the security and privacy company Future Tense Central based on Janice's concept. They had to escape, this time to the Bahamas after events took a terrible turn. Everything took a downward turn from this point.

As mentioned earlier, Janice McAfee lives in San Francisco, California, with her three children. Janice dedicatedly worked for McAfee's release after he was imprisoned in Spain and is now seeking justice for his death, which she feels was not the result of suicide. She requests an independent autopsy in the hopes that it may reveal more about the circumstances surrounding her husband's passing, which the authorities have only hazily explained away.

Janice McAfee has even started a petition to gather signatures in support of her application, and she has also appealed to the court. The fact that McAfee's body was not delivered to the family because the case was still open has added to their sorrow. Additionally, she has developed a significant social media following where she shares moments with her husband while mostly supporting his cause.

Before leaving, find out about John McAfee's mental health.

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