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Jacob & Co Watches on Bling Empire: How Much Does Kane’s Astronomia Watch Cost? Price of Kane & Kevin’s Buddy Watches!

Oct 11, 2022 @ 5:59 EDT
Jacob & Co Watches on Bling Empire: How Much Does Kane’s Astronomia Watch Cost? Price of Kane & Kevin’s Buddy Watches!

In episode 8 of Bling Empire Season 3, Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim visit Jacob & Co as Kane's father had ordered him an Astronomia watch. Similarly, Kane gifts Kevin a buddy watch. Many viewers have been wanting to know the prices of all of the watches. However, the cost of those watches has yet to be revealed.

Bling Empire, a Netflix original series, introduces viewers to some of Los Angeles' most affluent East Asians and East Asian Americans. The reality show demonstrates how the extremely wealthy go about living their daily lives while providing a glimpse into some of the less well-known aspects of Asian society. The series not only entertains viewers with the glitz and glamour that pervade every element of the performance, but it also educates them about the internal conflict inside this exclusive group.

If there is one thing we do know about this Netflix show, it is that every episode will feature plenty of drama due to the fact that money, rumors, and a vast circle of friends are never always compatible. The fact that the third season of this Netflix original starts up where the second left off, particularly in terms of the conflict between Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim, only serves to support our argument.

And yes, they do reunite after a few months of conflict. In order to celebrate their friendship, Kane asks Kevin to come to Jacob & Co with him. Kane claims that his father had ordered him a watch for his work in the real estate business. Since many viewers want to know more about their time at Jacob & Co, here is everything that happened in the luxurious watch store.

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Jacob & Co Watches on Bling Empire: Kane Lim and Kevin Kreider Have Buddy Watch to Represent Their Friendship; How Much Does Kane’s Astronomia Watch Cost? Prices of All the Watches!

In the eighth episode of Bling Empire Season 3 titled The Truth About Kim, Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim (@kanelk_k) go to Jacob & Co because Kane had told Kevin that his father had ordered a watch there because of his success in the real estate business and the Fenty Campaign. Kane claims that he had made an appointment for them.

As soon as the store manager reveals the watch Kane's father had ordered for him, both Kane and Kevin go crazy looking at its design. The manager explains that the base of the watch was their Astronomia model and an artist took over 8 months to craft the Phoenix inside the watch out of a single piece of gold. The manager further explains that the watch contains a triple-axis tourbillon and a three-karat diamond. Kane then puts on the watch.

Immediately, Kane asks the manager to do something. He pulls out another two Jacob & Co watches. Kane explains that he got it made for himself and Kevin as a buddy watch to celebrate their reunion. Kevin gets shocked, very happy, and claims it to be his first Jacob watch. Kane then explains that while he was discussing their relationship with the store manager, the store manager recommended making buddy watches and gifting one of them to Kevin.

They didn't reveal the prices/costs of any of the watches. However, we do know that the Jacob & Co watches are way too expensive and luxurious. No doubt, every cast members of Bling Empire are rich enough to afford it.

Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim Still Friends?

It appears that relations between Christine Chiu (@christinechiu) and Kane Lim are, at most, friendly. Christine Chiu had invited the majority of her social group to come to see her compete on Dancing with the Stars during her tenure on the show.

Christine did not like the fact that Kane did not attend the same. In an effort to mend fences between himself and Christine, Anne did ask her to his listing party. The two's disagreement did surface throughout the meal, but it was never fully addressed on TV.

The two appear to be on good terms after their lengthy conversation. Although they follow each other on social media, they appear to be more close to their friends and fellow cast members than to one another. Whatever the circumstance, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and the ability to put the past behind them.

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