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Is Zhao Lusi Married? Wu Lei or Yang Yang? Who Is Her Husband?

Dec 26, 2023 @ 4:18 EST
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Is Zhao Lusi Married? Wu Lei or Yang Yang? Who Is Her Husband?

No, Zhao Lusi is not married yet. There is no news of her tying the knot. Even though she is often linked to Wu Lei and Yang Yang, there is no strong proof to confirm who her to-be-husband is.

Zhao Lusi, aka Rosy, is a well-known Chinese actress and singer known for her versatility and remarkable performances. She rose to popularity after graduating from the famous Beijing Film Academy, portraying captivating characters in successful dramas such as Love of Thousand Years and The Long Ballad.

Her on-screen personality, combined with her ability to play powerful, nuanced characters, has earned her international acclaim and a devoted fan base. Her ability to act as well as sing has made her a rising star in the Chinese entertainment industry, promising a bright and long-lasting career.

With such talent, popularity, and beauty, there always comes speculation and concern about your personal life, especially your relationship status. Recently, we have found that many of her fans have been wanting to know if Zhao Lusi is married. Well, we've got you covered.

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Zhao Lusi Has Yet to Get Married!

Zhao Lusi (@rooosyzh09) has to be one of the most popular and successful actors in the Chinese entertainment industry at the moment. With the release of Who Rules the World and Love Like the Galaxy, both in 2022, she has gathered a huge fan following all around the world. On the other hand, many fans are curious to know if she is married.

Well, we don't think so. There is no news of Zhao tying the knot. While we agree that she has recently been linked to many people in the industry, we don't think she is already married.

We don't think Zhao Lusi is married yet. netflixdeed.comWe don't think Zhao Lusi is married yet.
Image Source: Instagram

Considering her rising popularity, we would have known if the rumor was true. As a result, it's safe to assume that the rumor of her being married is fake. Matter of fact, we don't even know if she is dating someone.

As mentioned earlier, 2022 was a successful year for the actress. Both of the C-Drama which she starred in succeeded. She had incredible chemistry in both dramas: Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy and Yang Yang in Who Rules the World.

Several fan bases have theories of their own. Some believe she is dating Wu Lei and some believe she might be dating Yang Yang. While we agree to the fact she bonded with both of her co-stars very well, there is no confirmation of her dating either of them. It appears fans have been linking her with her co-stars based on their performance in dramas.

Well, we have to remember that all of them are professional actors. They have to express emotions based on the script and storyline. Nothing about their chemistry is valid in real life.

In conclusion, we can say that Zhao Lusi has yet to get married. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about her to-be-husband.

Rise to Stardom: A Quick Look At Zhao Lusi’s Career

Zhao Lusi's career in the entertainment sector started after graduation from the Beijing Film Academy. Her breakthrough appearances in series such as Oh! My Emperor, Love of Thousand Years, and The Long Ballad propelled her into the spotlight, winning her critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

Zhao Lusi has above 3 million followers on Instagram. netflixdeed.comZhao Lusi has above 3 million followers on Instagram.
Image Source: Instagram

Her ability to play a wide range of characters, from strong and resilient heroes to complex personalities, has been a defining feature of her career, leading her to continuous success in Chinese television.

Even though she had already gathered a lot of attention and fame, Who Rules the World and Love Like the Galaxy (both released in 2022) brought her even more fame. The 2 drama turned out to be her breakthrough as he gained fame globally. There's a reason why she is currently the most popular star in the Chinese entertainment industry.

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