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Is Marcello Hernandez Married? Who Is He Dating?

Dec 20, 2023 @ 22:44 EST
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Is Marcello Hernandez Married? Who Is He Dating?

Despite all the speculations, Marcello Hernandez is single and not married at the moment. Even though he was previously speculated to be dating Olivia Rodriguez and Camila Cabello, the rumors are untrue and baseless.

Celebrities must have a hard time keeping their personal lives private, don't they? I mean with all of the paparazzi following around and still keeping your life private, honestly, that's kind of exhausting, isn't it? Speaking of celebrities, you might be familiar with the name, Marcello Hernandez, who quickly became famous for his unique comedic talents at Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Marcello is also having a hard time keeping his personal life private but he has been successful in keeping his life private. But even so, fans get that information from somewhere and that information makes news. Currently, fans have started asking questions about his marriage. Is he married or is he single?

In this article, we'll be discussing the fan-favorite comedian and actor Marcello Hernandez's married life and who he is dating in 2023. Let's just get started.

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Marcello Hernandez’s Love Life: He Is Unmarried and Single as of 2023!

Over time, Marcello Hernandez (@marcellohdz), a fan-favorite addition to SNL has been linked with other celebrity women but the 26-year-old American comedian has remained silent on this matter, and to some extent, he has also denied going out with these women.

We can't deny how good Marcello is in his line of work but you also need someone to go through your problems and be there at the end of the day. So, the people have shown interest in his love life and they are wondering if he is even married.

Marcello Hernandez is not married. netflixdeed.comMarcello Hernandez is not married.
Image Source: Instagram

Whenever a celebrity is good in his line of work then the people tend to go through their personal life and wonder what's going on in their personal life. Similarly, fans have been wondering about Marcello Hernandez's love life and who he is dating currently. Leaving aside his present girlfriend or boyfriend, the American comedian has been successful in keeping his previous relationships private if he had any.

Marcello Hernandez has been very discrete about his love life and he has not revealed anyone with whom he has been in a relationship. However, the American comedian has been linked with Olivia Rodriguez (@olivialarodriguez) and Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello). He has been linked with other women as well but these are the two who are the top names that appear when discussing Marcello's love life.

In early 2023, Marcello Hernandez was seen getting cozy with Olivia Rodriguez at an event leading the viewers to speculate that the two of them were a thing. The rumor started from Deuxmoi, a popular gossip account where the fans had been gossiping about Marcello and Olivia and they also said that they saw some sparks between them. Some fans also expressed their feelings that it would be great to see them together on Twitter.

Fans took to Instagram to check up on some dirt but surprisingly, the fans found that they didn't follow each other at the time and concluded that it was just mere speculations made by the gossip account. Marcello and Olivia hadn't make announcement about them being together so maybe it was just a speculation.

Marcello Hernandez has also been linked with Camila Cabello and there have been speculations that the two of them were dating. The rumor started when Marcelo was seen together with Camila at a Halloween party and they were not just enjoying each other's company. The rumor has it that they were also holding their hands together. So fans had questions and different speculations on this matter. The fans also took to Reddit to discuss this speculation and were wondering if they were just friends or a drunken hoop-up or if there was more to it.

A Reddit user stated that  Marcello Hernandez and Camila Cabello were seen holding hands. netflixdeed.comA Reddit user stated that  Marcello Hernandez and Camila Cabello were seen holding hands.
Image Source: Reddit

Even with all these speculations, neither of them has yet said anything about dating the other so, it is safe to say that they are not in a relationship yet, and even if they are; they are very good at keeping it private.

Marcello Hernandez’s Sexuality Revealed: Is He Gay?

Marcello Hernandez has never made any announcement regarding his sexuality as he was always thought to be straight but there have been some speculations that the 26-year-old American comedian is gay. This rumor started from his dressing style and the way he spoke in a Saturday Night Live video but it's also important that he was doing a role play at the moment.

In the video, you can see him act and behave in a way that people started thinking that he might be gay and the speculations started from that. Also, there is no other information to back up this theory so we can safely say that Marcello was just doing a role play at the moment and he is not gay.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Marcello Hernandez is not married, not gay, and also single as of 2023 even though there have been speculations about him dating someone or being gay.

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