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Is There Going to be a Season 5 of Cobra Kai? Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Leak Discussed!

Jan 9, 2022 @ 9:55 EST
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Is There Going to be a Season 5 of Cobra Kai? Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Leak Discussed!

Fans are curious to learn about Cobra Kai Season 5 release date and cast on Netflix. Is there gonna be a Season 5? Is it coming out in 2022? When will the 5th season come to Netflix? Many viewers are looking up images and set photos from Cobra Kai Season 5. Grab details of the trailer, episode 1, renewed status, and potential leak.

Cobra Kai is an American series sequel to the original The Karate Kid movies. It is a martial arts comedy-drama riding on the coattails of the nostalgic factor of the original films, and an exciting and gripping plotline, created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg.

The latest season of Cobra Kai dropped recently on Netflix on 31st December. And the fans have already been through it and now they are just awaiting more of it.

Previously, we discussed Season 5, Mary Mouser's boyfriendMiguel getting fat, and who wins All Valley Season 4.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Release Date

If fans were worried that Season 4 was the last they would see of Cobra Kai, then they need not because Netflix has already announced that there is going to be the next installment.

Even though the release date of the following season has not been announced, based on the release patterns of the preceding seasons, the timing of the Season 5 drop is predictable. Ever since the time Netflix bought the sequel to the original Karate Kid in June 2020, the installments of the franchise have been released in a time span of one year.

The third season dropped on January 1, 2o21 with the fourth one following on 31 December 2021. So, it would not be too far-fetched to guess that Season 5 will come to us in late 2022 or early 2023.

One of the creators of the martial arts drama Jon Hurwitz has already revealed that the filming for Season 5 has already been completed. Looks like the next season is in the post-production stage, which means that the finished product will be available to us sooner rather than later.

Also, if fans want a bonus excitement, then fans would want to know that another creator of the show Josh Heald has admitted that Season 5 is not the last of Cobra Kai.

What Could We See in Cobra Kai Season 5?

With Miguel going on a search for his estranged father and Johnny deciding to follow him, Cobra Kai Season 5 is more than likely to take us on a road trip to Mexico with the sensei and the student, very much like the road trip that Mr. Miyagi and Daniel LaRusso took in The Karate Kid II.

And by the looks of it, Terry Silver seems to be returning to being his normal self after taking seasons of a break from not being Terry Silver.

To everyone's surprise and after a few seconds, to everyone's surprise at themselves being surprised at what Silver did, he beats up Stingray to frame it on John Creese and get him arrested to take over the entire dojo. He was not content with being Kreese's right-hand man. A new rivalry has formed.

And we could see more of Chozen from Karate Kid II. He made an appearance at the end of Season 4 to save Miyagi-Do and help Daniel. We could see Daniel and Chozen teaming up against Terry Silver.

Cobra Kai Season 5 looks like it is going to be an exciting watch. But till it comes, we are going to have to just look forward to it.

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