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The Sound of Magic: Is the Netflix K-Drama Series a Musical?

May 15, 2022 @ 7:23 EDT
The Sound of Magic: Is the Netflix K-Drama Series a Musical?

Many viewers are really curious to know if Netflix's The Sound of Magic is a musical. The K-drama series is based on a webtoon and was released on May 6. The Netflix show was advertised as a musical before its release. However, many fans believe it got wrong slightly in the format and claimed that The Sound of Magic couldn't be labeled as a musical. Apart from that, the trailer itself is fun to watch and the cast members really suit the plot of the series.

K-dramas have been gaining popularity in recent years, and a show as distinctive as The Sound of Magic only helps the genre cement its place in the hearts of viewers. The Netflix production has drawn the attention of lovers of various genres due to its storyline's integration of several interesting subjects. It is a Korean drama series based on Ha Il-Kwon's webtoon Annarasumanara.

The Sound of Magic (originally titled 'Annarasumanara') follows Yoon Ah-yi, a schoolgirl who dreams of becoming a magician. She wishes to grow up as quickly as possible in order to realize her dream. When she meets Ri-eul, an adult magician who aspires to remain a child, her life is turned upside down. The musical fantasy series was created by Kim Sung-youn and Kim Min-jeong and premiered on Netflix in May 2022.

Many viewers really adored the show, however, some of them were curious to know if it is a musical. The musical is basically a play or film in which singing and dancing play an essential part. Well, let's find out if The Sound of Magic is a musical.

Is The Sound of Magic on Netflix a Musical?

The Sound of Magic, like many K-dramas and other international content, is unlike anything you'll see on American television though it may suggest some wildly different western media references. Simultaneously reminiscent of both the musical spectacle film The Greatest Showman and the CSI series.

Much of the advertising for The Sound of Magic has pitched it as a fantasy musical series. However, viewers who are expecting a predominantly genre-driven plot may be disappointed. The show is inconsistent in its dedication to both the musical format and the fantasy genre, burning through the majority of its effervescent, could-be-real-magic musical numbers in the first half of its run before becoming distracted by a redundant, dramatic crime story about a missing teen.

The series stretches itself too thin due to its short episode order to fully realize most of its many narrative ambitions, but it comes closest in its exploration of coming-of-age themes, as protagonists Ah-yi and Il-deung both grapple with the question of what kind of person they hope to grow into in a virtual wasteland of positive adult role models.

The Sound of Magic is uneven, but when it's good, it's fantastic, especially in its musical (and nonmusical) expression of Ah-yi and Il-deung's concerns and hopes. The two struggle in very different ways, yet they share a disgust with the grownups in their lives who fail them in various ways.

The Sound of Magic may not be anything special due to a lack of narrative clarity, but director Kim Seong-yoon's sparkling visuals and the cast's earnest performances make for an enjoyable, brief trip around this merry-go-round ride of a plot. For those seeking something a little different—with the occasional, wonderful musical number thrown in, lower your expectations.

Will There Be Season 2 of The Sound of Magic?

Season 1 of The Sound of Magic is available on Netflix in its entirety from May 6, 2022. The K-drama's first season consists of six episodes, each lasting between 62 and 78 minutes.

Here's the deal with season 2 of the show. There have been no official announcements confirming the series' cancellation. This could be due to Netflix's habit of evaluating show performance before determining whether or not to greenlight another edition.

Because the webtoon on which the series is based has more than 25 chapters, the makers will have plenty of material to work with for a possible season 2. Furthermore, movie adaptations frequently deviate from the source text. Consequently, even though the first season finishes on a pretty decisive note, we cannot rule out the potential of a second season.

A majority of the key cast members may repeat their roles if the series is renewed for a second season. Ji Chang-wook (Ri-eul), Choi Sung-eun (Yoon Ah-yi), and Hwang In-youp (Na Il-deung) are all expected to keep their roles in The Sound of Magic, as the plot relies mostly on their onscreen characters.

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