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The Pentaverate: Real Organization or a Conspiracy Theory?

May 12, 2022 @ 3:52 EDT
The Pentaverate: Real Organization or a Conspiracy Theory?

Mike Myers' new series, The Pentaverate, which focuses on a secret society that influences the world is not a real organization. It's based on conspiracy theories mentioned in Michael Myers' 1993 film, So I Married an Axe Murderer. The series claims that the Pentaverate's meaning is the five persons who pull the strings behind all of the world's happenings. Follow the article to know why the Pentaverate is not a real organization.

The Pentaverate is the most recent web series to be added to Netflix. It is based on a Robbie Fox-written American film. The movie, however, was a flop and has recently been remade by one of the film series' stars, Mike Myers. Furthermore, The Pentaverate grew out of a brief section of the film that concentrated on a conspiracy idea.

In Netflix's The Pentaverate, out-of-touch journalist Ken Scarborough becomes involved with the titular ancient secret society, which appears to dominate the planet. Ken learns about ancient society from a conspiracy theorist while looking for a breaking news story. The hidden society, however, turns out to be far more real and weird than Ken could have expected.

Finally, the journalist must make some difficult decisions that could have global ramifications. Though much of the show is humorous, it does contain references to true secret societies that have existed at some point in history. And if you're wondering if the Pentaverate is a real organization, we've got you covered.

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The Pentaverate: Is the Pentaverate a Real Organization?

No, The Pentaverate is not a real organization.   Of course, even in the world of Netflix shows, most average people are unaware of the secret society's existence. However, the Meadows, an annual conference in Switzerland when the five members of the Pentaverate meet the world's most influential people, is mentioned. The conference is compared to the annual Davos summit, which takes place in Switzerland every year and attracts world leaders.

So I Married an Axe Murderer, a 1993 black comedy, is where The Pentaverate gets its start. In it, the lead character, Charlie McKenzie (Mike Myers), pays a visit to his parents, where his conspiracy theorist father (also played by Myers) discusses the existence of the Pentaverate, a secret society.

With minor modifications, the Netflix drama takes its name and principal secret organization from the 1993 film. Charlie's father claims they meet three times a year in a secret Colorado house. The gathering is turned into an annual event called the Meadows in the show. The secret club is also described as working to solve the world's most important problems in the show.

As a result, the Pentaverate and its members are attempting to solve global warming when the show begins. Dr. Hobart Clark (Keegan-Michael Key), the new member, is charged with completing this assignment before his tragic demise. In contrast to secret societies that seek world dominance through evil schemes, this establishment is pleasant.

However, the show covers a broader issue of conspiracy theories and secret societies and includes real-world theories concerning the Illuminati's existence. When Dr. Clark looks more, he discovers that Beyonce and Jay-Z are members of the Illuminati, but they are double agents.

The origin story of the Pentaverate is also rather amusing. The secret society began during the black plague when five men realized that the outbreak was caused by mice, as the narrator narrates in increasingly irritated tones. The men founded the organization as a shelter for knowledge after the church declared them idiots, and it eventually became all-powerful.

Therefore, the Pentaverate is not a real organization, which is good news for viewers of the Mike Myers show who are curious about the secret society. The show's secret society is a parody of conspiracy theories and real-world lore concerning the existence of hidden societies such as the Illuminati and Freemasons.

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