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Is Steve Harrington Gay or Bi in Stranger Things? Is the Steve Harrington Actor, Joe Keery, Gay in Real Life?

Jul 22, 2022 @ 12:30 EDT
Is Steve Harrington Gay or Bi in Stranger Things? Is the Steve Harrington Actor, Joe Keery, Gay in Real Life?

Many fans wonder if Steve Harrington from Netflix's Stranger Things is gay or bi. Well, he's not. He is straight as he has been showing his interest only in girls since the series started. In the recent Season 4 too, Steve deeply wants Nancy Wheeler to come back into his life. However, Nancy ends up with Jonathan Byers. The series cast a lot of LGBTQ+ characters like Robin and Will, however, Steve does not seem to be one. Additionally, the Steve Harrington actor, Joe Keery, is also neither gay nor bisexual in real life. He has been dating his girlfriend, Maika Monroe.

One of Netflix's biggest hits, Stranger Things, is one that the streaming giant would not necessarily object to seeing more of. Netflix's head of content claimed that season four could have had more episodes if it weren't for pandemic-related production delays and increased costs.

The indications that Will Byers is gay are undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of the release of Stranger Things Season 4. In the second volume, he is seen falling completely for Mike Wheeler. And Noah Schnapp, recently, has even revealed that Will is gay. However, this has led to discussions on social media about the sexuality of other characters, such as Steve Harrington.

With Robin being a lesbian and Will being gay, some fans wonder if Steve Harrington is also gay or bi. Just like Eddie Munson, some fans believe Steve also might be gay because she explained to Nancy that he has no problem with anyone being gay or lesbian. Well, let's find the truth.

Is Steve Harrington From Stranger Things Gay or Bi? Is the Steve Harrington Actor, Joe Keery, Gay in Real Life?

Before discussing is Steve Harrington is gay or bisexual, let's have a glance at his dating history throughout the Netflix series. Joe Keery's character Steve Harrington has been a touch-starved character for the previous few seasons. The most recent season, if nothing else, shows that Steve is obviously interested in an old flame.

Steve has been looking for a romantic relationship by the end of Season 4. In Season 1, he used to be one of the most well-liked students and had his pick of casual relationships. Since leaving high school, he has had difficulty developing a genuine connection with anyone.

Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler were high school sweethearts in Season 1. They eventually part ways as Nancy develops feelings for Jonathan Byers. Although Steve and Nancy are still friends, Season 4 of Stranger Things almost showed a recurrence of his previous emotions.

Many of Steve's friends encouraged him to take advantage of the opportunity and try confessing to Nancy throughout the course of the season. But he fails to do so.

The relationship between Nancy and Jonathan has hit a rough patch as Steve speculates on his emotions. Jonathan regrets their decision to attend the same college and avoids speaking to her while they both get ready for college.

Nancy eventually grows impatient with him for not communicating. Steve might have possibly used the chance to talk about his renewed sentiments after Nancy was starting to have second thoughts about her current relationship. But at the end of Vol. 2, we see that Jonathan and Nancy reunite. But the show hints that Nancy might come back to Steve.

So yeah, Steve Harrington is clearly straight. He has always been linked to only girls. In the recent, as well, Steve was looking for his chance to be back with Nancy. Additionally, Steve confesses to Nancy, his goal of having, at least, six children with her and going camping in a Winnebago every summer. And yes, the Netflix show has not hinted single evidence about his interest in men.

Therefore, Steve is neither gay nor bi. We've no idea how some fans even doubted his sexuality. However, we can assume from the recent revelation about Will Byer's sexuality that fans have been wanting to be sure about every character's sexuality.

Additionally, the Steve Harrington actor, Joe Keery, is straight in real life as well. He has been in a relationship with Maika Monroe (@maikamonroe) for a while now. Even though the couple prefers their relationship to be private, they are frequently spotted.

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