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Is Shannon Balenciaga Trans? Did She Undergo Gender Surgery?

Jan 14, 2024 @ 10:29 EST
Is Shannon Balenciaga Trans? Did She Undergo Gender Surgery?

No, Shannon Balenciaga is not transgender. She has never received a gender surgery. She is a cisgender lady who accepts and thrives in the empowering and inclusive world of ballroom culture.

Legendary was a voguing reality competition television show in the United States that explores the world of ball culture. It debuted on HBO Max on May 27, 2020. The show followed LGBT house members—mostly from eight to ten houses—as they traversed nine balls (dancing/voguing/walking events), with the winning house receiving a $100,000 reward. As a result, GLAAD complimented the series for presenting gay and trans artists from the New York ballroom scene.

Since the show's season two aired, viewers have been curious to know more about Shannon Balenciaga, the mother of the House of Balenciaga. She also works as a designer. Many people were fascinated by her performance on the show. However, they were always curious to know about her real sexuality and wondered if she was trans by any chance. Well, here's what we've discovered.

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Shannon Balenciaga Is Not Transgender: She Identifies Herself as Cisgender!

Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation over Shannon Balenciaga's (@shannonbalenciaga) gender identity. But to let you know, she is not transgender. She has never undergone gender surgery.

Meanwhile, she is a woman who identifies as cisgender, a term that refers to a person whose gender identity conforms to their sex at birth. The opposite of transgender is cisgender.

The Latin prefix cis- indicates "on this side of." As a result of shifts in social discourse concerning gender, the term cisgender was coined in 1994 and entered dictionaries in 2015. The phrase has been and continues to be contentious and debatable.

Shannon Balenciaga is not a trans lady. netflixdeed.comShannon Balenciaga is not a trans lady.
Image Source: Instagram

If you're not aware, Shannon Balenciaga has played an important part in the ballroom scene, where people of all gender identities and backgrounds mingle. Likely, her narrative is unique in that, despite being straight and cisgender, she feels a strong connection to ballroom culture.

Gay and transgender individuals of color who felt marginalized established this culture. Everyone, regardless of gender identity or origin, is welcome to express themselves and participate in numerous categories such as dressing up and dancing in the ballroom.

Shannon Balenciaga's journey began with a difficult period when she became embroiled in a fraud scheme, which led to her imprisonment. However, it was at this trying time that she became acquainted with the ballroom scene. Since then, she has established herself as a respected member of the community, leading the House of Balenciaga and training the next generation of performers.

Know More About Shannon Balenciaga: Personal Life & Career!

If you're unaware, Shannon Balenciaga is a legendary businesswoman in beauty, fashion, television, and film, as well as a ballroom icon. Starting her fashion business Worldwide House of Royal in 2006 was a means for her to empower women, particularly black women, to accept their sexuality and speak up in a male-dominated world.

Shannon Balenciaga is well known as the Mother of All Mothers on HBOMax's Legendary. netflixdeed.comShannon Balenciaga is well known as the Mother of All Mothers on HBOMax's Legendary.
Image Source: Instagram

Shannon Balenciaga is also recognized as the Mother of All Mothers on the hit International television show, Legendry on HBOMax, which features her extravagant glamour, elegance, class, and sensuality. It is an American voguing reality competition television series, exploring the world of ball culture

The candidates are divided into Houses, which perform alone or in groups in pre-assigned categories in front of a panel of judges. For seasons 1 and 2, each House can have up to five members, including a leader known as the Mother or Father of the House. The panel consists of four permanent judges and a fifth guest judge who rotates between episodes.

Meanwhile, Shannon Balenciaga grew up with her mother's excellent fashion sense, which led her to seek out some of the top glamour celebrities for inspiration as a young kid.  According to her, "WHOR, is the first and last label a woman would be proud to wear."

Furthermore, she is now working on her worldwide fragrance line, which includes Champions by Balenciaga, the first ballroom fragrance. Legendary Extrait de Parfum is the first fragrance ever featured on a television competition show. Later this year, she will launch The Countess by Shannon Balenciaga, which will become her signature scent for a driven lady.

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