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Is Gok Wan Gay? Who Is He Dating?

Dec 28, 2023 @ 3:37 EST
Is Gok Wan Gay? Who Is He Dating?

Gok Wan is very proud to be gay and has always been open about his sexuality to the media. However, he previously mentioned that coming out as gay to his family was very difficult. He has not talked about his love life till now, but there were once rumors that he was dating David Ames.

Gok Wan, MBE, is a British fashion consultant, author, television presenter, actor, DJ, and chef. He started his career in London as a makeup artist, then moved into the field of being a fashion stylist. Recently, he has been in the news after he posted a video wishing his fans a happy boxing day.

Gok posted a video on December 26, 2023, wishing everyone a boxing day. In the video, he showed love to his fans and gave power to Brussels, which became meme content. He has also recently shared three recipes that are perfect to share: a cheat's version of Peking duck, Korean fried chicken, and pineapple rice, and the vegetable delight, gado gado.

On the other hand, we have found that many people are curious about Gok's sexuality. They wonder if he is gay. Well, let's find out together.

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Gok Wan Proudly Identifies Himself as Gay!

Gok Wan (@therealgokwan) previously mentioned that coming out as gay to his family was very difficult. He has been very open about his sexuality to his fans since the beginning of his career, and in 2009, he even revealed that he had slept with 21 and a half men.

In 2006, when he started appearing in his WN fashion show, How to Look Good Naked, many people started getting curious to know if he was gay or not. The rumors about him being gay started flooding all over the internet, and when he was asked about his sexuality, he admitted that the rumors were true.

Yes, Gok Wan is gay. netflixdeed.comYes, Gok Wan is gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Wan didn't talk much about his sexuality or how his love life was going until 2009. During an interview, he revealed how he told his parents he was gay. He mentioned that it was emotionally difficult when his father accepted his sexuality.

Although he didn't reveal at what age he revealed he was gay to his family, he said that at that moment he was dating a guy, and he used him because he knew he would have to take someone home eventually and thought he’d try it out with him. His sister and brother were there; they all sat down, and it was just the most excruciating meal ever, as he stated;

My family is normally Shameless meets The Royle Family. But this night it was so weird. I had left home and no longer had a bedroom, so my dad left the table early, which he never did, and went into the living room and made a bed for the two of us with an open fire. It was extraordinary, his quiet way of showing his acceptance. The reason I’ve never told that story is that my dad and I have never discussed it.

Gok Wan’s Struggle to Come Out as Gay to His Family!

Continuing the interview, Gok Wan said that he had slept with 21 and a half men and lost his virginity while underage with a boy the same age and that he had also had sex with women in the past. It looks like Gok has always been very proud of being gay, and he has never tried to lie about his sexuality or his personal life.

Gok Wan initially found it difficult to come out as gay. netflixdeed.comGok Wan initially found it difficult to come out as gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Being a proud gay was never an easy thing for Gok, as he was bullied from the beginning of his adulthood. He was bullied and marginalized throughout his youth for being obese and gay. He still got bullied for being gay, but it looks like he has managed to adjust and deal with the negative comments.

Who Is Gok Wan Currently Dating?

Speaking about Gok Wan's personal life, he has always claimed to be the busiest person in his life, but he does have a dating history. He has admitted to dating casually many people till now, but none has been a permanent thing for him. In 2016, there were rumors that he was dating actor David Ames, but the rumors were never confirmed.

David Ames is known for his role as Dr. Dominic Copeland in the BBC soap opera Holby City. He has not confirmed whether he is gay or bisexual, but the rumors have led people to confirm that he is a member of the LBGTQ+ community. David and Gok were guessed to be in a relationship from 2014 to 2018. As of 2023, Gok is said to be single.

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