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Who Killed Sara: Is Sara Alive? Netflix Ending Explained!

Jun 2, 2022 @ 10:21 EDT
Who Killed Sara: Is Sara Alive? Netflix Ending Explained!

No, Sara is not alive in Netflix's Who Killed Sara. However, she didn't die after the incident with her parachute as well. She was later kidnapped by Reinaldo who used her for his Medusa Project. Knowing she can't escape, Sara kills herself by stabbing herself with the knife. Follow the article to know more about Sara's death and if Reinaldo survives at the end of the Netflix show.

'Who Killed Sara?' It all started with a deceptively basic title question. Finding the answer, on the other hand, was anything but simple. We now have our answer, after parasailing accidents, hidden pharmaceutical conspiracies, morally depraved psychiatric hospitals, and enough deaths and double-crossings to necessitate a corkboard with strings.

Who Killed Sara follows Alex Guzman's confusing investigation into his sister Sara's murder. The slow-burning Agatha Christie-inspired mystery thriller introduces a cast of devious people, each with their own motives for the murder.

The Netflix series' ending has more twists and turns than a box of snakes, and they're all slithering their way to freedom. Sara's empty grave at the start of the series led many to suspect she wasn't dead after all, adding to the myriad of unresolved issues that had already been left by season two. So, is Sara alive? Let's find it out.

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Is Sara Alive on Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? Did Reinaldo Kill Sara?

Sara's sudden death seemed to have a different storyline with each season. Given the extraordinary turns, this drama has taken from beginning to end, it's hardly unexpected that the third and final season added even more shocking twists to the mix. And yes, Sara isn't alive. However, Sara's cause of death is totally different than all of us actually thought.

Sara did, in fact, kill herself, but the cause is complicated. Marifer was said to have murdered Sara by cutting the parachute straps in season 2. However, Sara did not die in the paragliding accident as we were lead to believe in Who Killed Sara season 3.

We were shown that she died in the hospital as a result of the injuries she got in the accident, but Sara did survive and was kidnapped by Reinaldo and taken to the Medusa Center. Reinaldo used her and many others as test subjects in his attempts to cure schizophrenia and forcibly commit conversion therapy on gay people. That included poor Chema, whom he tortured as well.

Sara had shown symptoms of schizophrenia, making her an ideal test subject for his research. More importantly, Reinaldo wanted to discover if he could prevent Sara from passing the gene on to her unborn daughter. Reinaldo helped in the planning of the cover narrative about Marifer.

Sara eventually realizes that escaping is impossible and that the only way she can hurt her evil captor is to kill herself, putting a stop to his studies. Sara brutally stabs herself with a knife in the final seconds of the season while Reinaldo looks on in despair.

The scene then turns to Alex standing in front of a little cemetery with Sara's name on it, implying that the show's namesake is indeed dead. Sara, however, does not die as a result of the parachute accident but rather dies much later after giving birth to her daughter.

What Happens to Reinaldo at the End of the Netflix Show? Is He Dead?

Reinaldo is not only the show's final season antagonist but also the show's overall antagonist. Season 3 reveals the surprisingly complex plot planned by the evil scientist to acquire Sara as a test subject.

After that, he tortures her with electrical therapy and appears to conduct brain surgery on her. Reinaldo doesn't even spare his own children, imprisoning his daughter for years at the Medusa facility.

All of this points to Reinaldo having a violent end, and things do indeed come out that way. Alex eventually ties Reinaldo up with his own sadistic weapons and electrocutes him until he is clearly dead.

A massive graveyard is uncovered behind his laboratory, revealing hundreds of victims who were probably tortured to death by the evil scientist in the name of finding a treatment for schizophrenia and homosexuality.

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