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Is Richard Harmon Gay? Does the Fakes Cast Have a Boyfriend? Or a Girlfriend?

Sep 6, 2022 @ 1:59 EDT
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Is Richard Harmon Gay? Does the Fakes Cast Have a Boyfriend? Or a Girlfriend?

Richard Harmon, one of the cast members of Netflix's Fakes, is not gay as he is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Rhiannon Fish. The couple has been together since 2019. Richard's sexuality might have been a subject of discussion because he was previously seen hanging out cozily with his The 100 co-star, Bob Morley.

David Turko's comedy-drama series Fakes on Netflix follows best friends, Zoe Christensen (Emilija Baranac) and Rebecca "Becca" Li (Jennifer Tong), as they learn how to make fake identification. The girls soon launch a business making fake identifications, and as it succeeds, they become involved in numerous disputes.

Even though the life of crime is dangerous, the girls initially don't let their fear get in the way of how much fun they are having. However, that changes when authorities get engaged. As we follow the rise (and eventual fall) of this empire through the perspectives of each individual, Fakes delivers vastly divergent versions of the events over the entire series.

One of the important characters in the show is Tryst. The role of Tryst is played by none other than Richard Harmon. With the release of the show, many viewers have been curious to know if Richard is gay in real life. We've no idea how the idea of his sexuality came, but we do know the answer to their questions. Let's find out if he is gay.

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Richard Harmon Is Not Gay: The Fakes Cast Is in a Committed Relationship With His Girlfriend, Rhiannon Fish!

Richard Harmon (@richardsharmon) is not gay as he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Rhiannon Fish, since 2019. The Fakes cast is often questioned about his sexuality because he was often seen hanging out with his The 100 co-star, Bob Morley. Well, the assumptions turn out to be false.

Harmon first appeared on his girlfriend's Instagram account on April 22, 2019, when Fish shared a photo of them. In the black-and-white picture, Harmon put his head on his girlfriend's shoulders, and the two seemed to be by themselves. Fish's caption for the candid photo, which was taken against a rough surface that resembled leather, was spot-on.

Rhiannon Fish is an actress from Canada and Australia. Her most recent performances include the supporting part in the drama Occupation as Vanessa and the female lead in the upcoming film Remembering Love. In the legendary television series The 100, she had previously portrayed the beloved character, Ontari. Rhiannon began her career by playing a series of regular roles on Home & Away and Neighbours, two Australian television programs.

Rhiannon was previously in a relationship with co-star Lincoln Lewis from 2010 to 2012. Later in 2012, Rhiannon began dating Reece Martin after breaking up with Lewis. Unfortunately, they also parted ways in 2015.

The couple might have met when Fish joined The 100's cast as Ontari in 2015. Richard Harmon was already a cast member playing John Murphy in 2014. They may have become friends after originally meeting on the set and after becoming co-stars. Everyone was shocked when they unexpectedly showed up together in front of their followers.

Before admitting to their admirers that they were dating, Richard Harmon and Fish (@rhiannonmfish) might have been friends for some time. Their relationship was previously assumed to exist. However, Fish's 2019 Instagram post showing their intimate relationship made their relationship public.

Richard Harmon's sexuality has been questioned by the gay roles he has played in his films. In addition, the kissing sequence between him and Bob Morley generated excitement, which led to the assumption that Richard preferred gay men.

As Richard Harmon is officially involved in a committed relationship with Rhiannon, it's clear that he is not gay. Some actors seem to play every role they get and it seems like some fans questioned his sexuality after he played a gay role. Well, Richard just seems to be an actor who had no boundaries when it comes to his responsibility.

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