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Netflix: Is Our Great National Parks CGI? The Truth is Here!

Apr 23, 2022 @ 13:13 EDT
Netflix: Is Our Great National Parks CGI? The Truth is Here!

Netflix's documentary series, Our Great National Parks, didn't use any CGI technology for its spectacular scenes. Some sources claim that the scenes were actually filmed. Narrated by former president, Barack Obama, the documentary premiered on April 12, 2022, and has garnered a lot of positive reviews. Go through the article to know details on if the docuseries was made with CGI.

The five-part nature series Our Great National Parks, which was released earlier this month, is Barack Obama's newest Netflix venture. It's his first time in front of the camera for Netflix, where he plays a narrator in the style of David Attenborough, emphasizing protected regions all over the world.

The series includes the seas of Monterey Bay in California, the topography of Kenya's Tsavo National Park, the jungles of Indonesia's Gunung Leuser National Park, and the far south scenery of Chilean Patagonia. Netflix's Our Great National Parks highlights the necessity of protecting natural habitats as well as the scientific study opportunities that such unspoiled landscapes may bring for the benefit of humanity.

Recently, some fans have been wondering if the show used CGI for its beautiful and breathtaking cinematic views. Well, here is everything we need to know.

Is Netflix's Our Great National Parks Made With The Help Of CGI?

Netflix's five-part docuseries Our Great National Parks, like any responsible nature series, cannot discuss the wonders of the natural world without noting the countless ways in which that environment is under threat. No one here is denying the existence of climate change, habitat loss, or pollution.

However, throughout the world's national parks, endangered animal and plant species are recovering, farmlands are being restored to their natural state, and spectacular vistas of the stars are emerging where light pollution formerly existed. Hope thrives in the national parks. And the creators of this show want you to enjoy it.

Talking about if the series is made with CGI, well, it's not. There has been no confirmation nor denial that the series was made with the help of CGI, however, some sources claim that all the cinematic scenes were actually filmed.

It might be construed as an argument against the use of artificial visuals. However, advances in computer imagery have allowed even seasoned specialists like David Attenborough to be tricked. When Attenborough was seeing the Hollywood adaptation of Life of Pi, he recalls recoiling when he saw actors so near to a computer-generated tiger.

Filmmakers may use CGI to illustrate documentaries without disturbing the animals we wish to learn about and protect. The issue is that viewers are not given enough notice. For example, the 2009 documentary Turtle: The Incredible Journey uses elaborate computer-generated graphics to depict loggerhead turtles making their incredible journey from the seas near Florida to the African coast.

CGI can enable some filmmakers in developing a gripping storyline about, let's say, a single loggerhead turtle on a long journey. Another option is to just capture numerous lookalikes and edit the film together.

Barack Obama's Netflix Series Has a Chance To Win an Emmy

The race for this year's Emmy for Best Narrator has just gotten a lot more interesting. Former President Barack Obama's voice-over work in Netflix's Our Great National Parks, which premiered on April 13, might very well win this title.

Obama's narration helps the series' exploration of the ecosystems found in the United States' national parks, as well as reserves across the world. The show also examines humans' involvement in endangering those ecosystems, as well as our potential to construct these monuments for preservation.

Higher Ground Productions, which Barack and Michelle Obama established in 2018, produced the series. While the organization has only been established for four years and has an exclusive relationship with Netflix, it has already shown to be a key participant in award races.

Obama (@barackobama) is no stranger to winning honors in the entertainment industry. He earned the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album in 2006 for the audiobook of his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, after a little over a year in the Senate.

So an Emmy win would put Obama halfway to achieving the coveted EGOT designation, which requires winning a competitive Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award, something only 16 people have ever done.

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