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Is Noah Schnapp Vegan? The Stranger Things Cast Partnered up With TBH to Launch a Vegan Nutella!

Jul 6, 2022 @ 12:31 EDT
Is Noah Schnapp Vegan? The Stranger Things Cast Partnered up With TBH to Launch a Vegan Nutella!

Following the gay rumors, many viewers wonder if Noah Schnapp is vegan as he recently teamed up with TBH to launch a complete vegan Nutella. Well, the Stranger Things cast isn't totally vegan but prefers vegan foods most of the time. Follow the article to know why Noah Schnapp prefers vegan snacks.

After a month-long break following the release of Volume 1 at the end of May, Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 is now available on Netflix. The epic sci-fi series' penultimate season saw victorious and crushing setbacks that occurred all around the country and finally brought our characters back together in Hawkins.

Apart from the characters of the show, Noah Schnapp is one of the cast members who really, unintentionally, stays in the spotlight. From his character's sexuality to if he is gay in real life, Noah frequently gives us a lot to think about. In addition to that, fans also seek more information about him.

As expected, Noah is back again on the trending headlines as many fans wonder if he really is vegan. Well, here is everything we know about Noah Schnapp being a vegan rumor and the truth.

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Is Noah Schnapp Really Vegan? Why Did the Stranger Things Cast Team Up With TBH to Launch a Vegan Nutella?

Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp (@noahschnapp), teamed up with Sprinkles to make a limited-edition cupcake flavored with his hazelnut spread, TBH, which is really completely vegan, just before the release of Stranger Things 4's final two episodes.

If you haven't personally experienced TBH, it's said to be fairly comparable to real Nutella. However, the cupcake itself has a TBH hazelnut spread filling and a dark Belgian chocolate cake. If the cake itself didn't sound luxurious enough, it is topped with vegan cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

In addition to being vegan, TBH spread is devoid of palm oil and has 50% less sugar than Nutella, making it as environmentally friendly as possible. Noah Schnapp has undoubtedly made a positive impact on vegan treats which, for obvious reasons, made fans wonder if he really is vegan.

One would assume the actor is vegan based on the vegan spread and cupcake Schnapp provided. That doesn't appear to be the case, though. According to the Stranger Things actor, eating mostly plant-based foods makes him feel happy. It isn't, however, his entire way of life. In an interview with Veg News, he explained,

"With the long hours of filming and photo shoots, it’s crucial that I have the energy to get through the day. I find that when I stick to a plant-based diet, my energy levels are so much higher and I don’t crash at the end of the night.”

So, yeah, Noah Schnapp isn't vegan. Just because he prefers vegan food most of the time and promotes it doesn't mean he is vegan in real life. Schnapp wants TBHS to be enjoyable to everyone, despite not being a vegan himself. He says,

"I love that my hazelnut spread is vegan because I get so much feedback from people that say that they're looking for a spread that's good and also vegan." 

Noah Schnapp's ideal TV binge-watching party with friends would also involve his fondness for salty-sweet snack combinations. His spread of treats would include popcorn mixed with colorful toppings, chips, and salsa. He has been performing for a while, yet he still experiences occasional anxiety. His heightened anxiety is soothed by a cozy bedtime snack.

Schnapp claims he is a versatile eater and would try everything, but there are two foods he will never eat: Anchovies and canned tuna. On the other hand, Sadie Sink, Schnapp's co-star, is a vegan. We know she will be consuming his plant-based treats regardless of whether she is able to persuade him to stop using animal goods entirely.

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