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Reddit: Is Money Heist Korea the Same as the Spanish Version? Ending & Review!

Jun 27, 2022 @ 12:44 EDT
Reddit: Is Money Heist Korea the Same as the Spanish Version? Ending & Review!

"Is Money Heist: Korea the same as the original version?" has been trending since the release date of the series was announced. Additionally, the trailer itself showed a lot of similarities with the Spanish version, including the names of the characters. Well, it sure is a remake but with a Korean twist. The ending is totally different from the original series. Reddit users seek more information about it. Follow the article to know the similarities and differences between the Korean and Spanish versions.

The heist action thriller series, Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area on Netflix, is directed by Hong-sun Kim. The plot centers on a gang of thieves who attempt to rob the United Korea Mint of four trillion won.

The brilliant strategy of their leader, the Professor, starts to take shape, and the North and South Korean governments quickly realize how outmatched they are. The robbers appear to be in the lead at every turn. Furthermore, the series shows how social and economic inequality, as well as wealth disparity, can contribute to a rise in crime.

As we're all aware, the series is an adaptation of the Spanish original series titled Money Heist or La Casa de Papel. As a result, many viewers wonder if the Korean version is just as same as the original Money Heist. Well, we've got you covered.

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Reddit: Money Heist Korea Shares the Same Plot as the Original Version but With a Korean Twist; Know the Ending & Reviews!

Netflix announced the arrival of 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' Season 1 at the beginning of the year. Fans were confused about the plot because it shares the same name as the renowned La Casa de Papel.

Many Reddit users believed it might be a brand-new narrative with brand-new characters and cast members that were nevertheless situated in the same universe. Instead, Money Heist Korea is merely a Korean version of the original show.

The show is a remake of Alex Pina's original series rather than a sequel or spin-off. The backdrop, story, and characters of the Korean version are clearly Korean, in contrast to how Pina made his show undeniably Spanish. The five-season Spanish show's basic storyline is carried over into this new Netflix series.

As seen in the trailer, a gang of thieves decides to rob one of the greatest financial institutions in their nation because they are fed up with their lack of money. With modifications of The Professor, Berlin, Rio, Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, and so on, even the characters are the same. Although there are many similarities between the two shows, there are also some significant distinctions.

During a press conference in Seoul in June 2022, scriptwriter Ryu Yong-Jae compared the differences between the original series and the Korean version to paella and Korean fried rice. He explained,

“Similar to how paella and fried rice are both famous rice dishes, the series may look similar with their charming characters and the heist plan,” the ‘Psychopath Diary’ writer stated. “But we have added some Korean flavors, making the series refreshing for Korean and foreign viewers — including an imaginary area named the ‘Joint Economic Area’ created by North and South Korea, who are close to unifying.”

Hong-sun Kim claimed that ever since he first watched the show in 2018, he had thought that the concept of Money Heist would work in any setting, including Korea.

Because Korea is bordered by land on three sides and the sea on two, Ryu and the other Korean remake creators felt that the show required a fresh setting. They thus came up with the idea of the Joint Economic Area. Kim, Ryu, and their team were careful to include implications of Korean culture during the adaption process. For instance, the Hahoe masks were used in place of the iconic Dali masks from the original series.

Therefore, the Korean version of Money Heist surely shares the same plot as the original series, however, it does include many different elements. It would definitely be a different experience, especially since the ending was differently shocking. The show is getting positive reviews so far. So, we recommend you to watch the show as it is available on the streaming platform (if you haven't).

The release date for the remaining episodes of this season as well as episode seven has not yet been disclosed by Netflix. Season 5 was likewise split in two by The Spanish Money Heist. Fans might be able to see the remaining episodes of the series sometime in late July or early August 2022 because the second edition is often released a month or two after the first half.

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