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Is Maya Hawke Gay or Lesbian? Is the Stranger Things Cast Dating Spencer Barnett in 2022?

Jul 4, 2022 @ 3:18 EDT
Is Maya Hawke Gay or Lesbian? Is the Stranger Things Cast Dating Spencer Barnett in 2022?

Many viewers wonder if Maya Hawke is gay/lesbian after watching Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4. She is cast as Robin Buckley who is attracted to a girl in the series. Well, she is straight in real life as she is dating her boyfriend, Spencer Barnett. Moreover, her parents are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Follow the article to know more about Maya Hawke being gay rumors.

The announcement by Netflix that Part 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 would only contain two episodes as opposed to Part 1's seven may have initially looked odd, but the grand finale of the hit series isn't a quick watch.

Even though Netflix's Stranger Things season 4's second volume only has two episodes, it still has approximately four hours of coverage. As a result, a lot of significant events take place, and the story is expertly prepared for the fifth and final season.

Maya Hawke, one of the cast members, plays the role of Robin Buckley in the Netflix series. She first made her appearance in the show in its third season. In Season 4, we see Robin getting attracted to a girl. Therefore, Robin is definitely lesbian/gay.

Maya is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. Ever since she first appeared in Stranger Things, she has given us the chance to meet a brand-new character who combines humor, intelligence, and a hint of awkwardness with the fact that Robin is lesbian in the show.

As a result, many viewers of the show are curious to know about Maya Hawke's sexuality in real life. Is say gay? Is she straight? Well, here is everything we know about her sexuality.

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Maya Hawke Is Not Gay or Lesbian: The Stranger Things Cast Is Dating Spencer Barnett in 2022!

In season 4 of the Netflix series, Robin, played by Maya Hawke, fell in love with a girl she met through their school band, but she never had the courage to tell her how she felt.

Due to their close connection, Robin and Steve were frequently mistaken for being a couple. Even Nancy believed they were a couple. Robin remained true to her lesbian identity while Steve was constantly pressuring her to disclose her affections for the female she had feelings for.

When Nancy dressed her as a college girl so they could break into a mental facility, it became apparent that she wasn't as feminine as the other girls. Because she had never worn anything girly before, Robin was obviously uneasy with her outfit.

In Stranger Things, Robin could be a lesbian/gay, but Maya Hawke is actually straight. Maya has kept her love life very private and doesn't always make it known who she is seeing or dating, like the majority of famous people who aren't dating actors.

Maya Hawke (@maya_hawke), however, has been spotted dating musician Spencer Barnett. They were spotted out on a date in New York, and they even kissed. Since she prefers to be with guys, Maya Hawke is straight.

Spencer Barnett is the son of Sloan Barnett, a former Manhattan district attorney, and Roger Barnett, the CEO of Shaklee Corporation. It appears that Levon, Maya's brother, introduced her to Spencer.

The fact that Maya Hawke has had relationships shows that she is straight. In July 2020, she was spotted with Tom Sturridge, who played the lead in The Sandman. The relationship lasted till January 2022. Prior to that, Maya had a love relationship with Gus Wenner, the president and COO of Rolling Stone.

Therefore, Maya Hawke is not gay/lesbian and has remained straight forever. In addition to that, she was happy with the role of Robin. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she talked about taking on the role of a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She explained,

“It’s such an amazing thing the Duffer Brothers did, stopping the whole show … There's an action going on, and it stops for a seven-minute conversation between two people who really care for each other. It’s really a beautiful thing. I feel really lucky that I got to play that.”

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