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Is Jaren Lewison Gay? Does the Never Have I Ever Cast Have a Boyfriend?

Aug 16, 2022 @ 5:30 EDT
Is Jaren Lewison Gay? Does the Never Have I Ever Cast Have a Boyfriend?

Jaren Lewison, one of the cast members of Netflix's Never Have I Ever, is rumored to be gay as he does not have a girlfriend or any history of being involved with a girl. Some fans believe he has a boyfriend but does not want to reveal his identity publicly. Well, the 21-year-old actor has neither accepted nor denied the rumors.

With a significant surprise, Netflix's Never Have I Ever's Season 3's 10-episode run came to an end. Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) had a new relationship with well-known athlete Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet) at the start of the new season, which was released on Friday. Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison, her intermittent love interest and adversary, was still seeing Aneesa Qureshi (Megan Suri).

However, both of those relationships ultimately fail, and by the season finale, Devi and Ben had decided to become a couple. Even if Jaren and Maitreyi end up together in Season 3, some fans are interested in their real-life romance as well. It seems like both of the co-stars are currently single and focusing on their careers.

On the other hand, some fans believe Jaren Lewison is secretly a gay man and does not want to reveal his sexuality because he is not prepared yet. Well, it's a huge allegation. Let's find out if the rumor is true or not.

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Some Fans Believe Jaren Lewison Might Be Gay and He Has a Boyfriend as the Never Have I Ever Cast Has Never Been Involved With Any Girl!

Some fans believe Jaren Lewison (@jarenlewison) might be gay because he never has been involved with a girl. They believe he has a boyfriend and does not want to reveal his sexuality. Well, the Never Have I Ever cast has never made any comments about the rumors and is currently focused on his career.

Jaren Lewison was born in Dallas, Texas in December of 2000. Lauren and Jason Lewison are his parents. He also has a sister who is a senior and has already earned a degree. Jaren completed his tutoring at Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas in 2019.

Lewison is incredibly enthusiastic about sports, especially football. He played varsity football at the school. He enjoyed performing in addition to sports and was closely connected to the school's theatrical club. He moved to California after completing his education in order to surpass expectations. He earned confirmation at the University of Southern California.

Jaren Lewison is a naturally gifted performer who started his acting career as a young child. Lewison has worked in a number of movies and TV shows throughout an arbitrary period of time. Our Joshua (Jaren in Barney and Friends) began performing from his school's theater office. Following this, he appeared in the 2009 films Barney: Let's Go On Vacation and Barney: Let's Play Outside.

However, he got his breakthrough after starring as Ben Gross in Netflix's Never Have I Ever. Ben has always been wanting Devi since Season 1, However, she chooses to be with Paxton in Season 2. Not to worry, Devi chooses Ben over Paxton in the latest season of the series,

The actor's romantic life has caused a lot of fans to be concerned. They have been following his social media updates for any hints he may have dropped about his romantic life. We are as shocked as the fans are, and we're willing to accept the possibility that he might not be single, much to the displeasure of the fans.

Additionally, no information has been revealed about Jaren Lewison's past relationships. As a result, a lot of his admirers believe he is gay and involved in a secret relationship. Jaren has not made any comment about the rumor. Therefore, we are unable to comment on his sexual orientation. The same applies to his relationship status and information about his secret lovers.

On the other hand, Jaren Lewison might already be in a relationship with his possible girlfriend but does not want to make it public. Not everyone who is famous has to reveal their personal information. He might have chosen to follow the same.

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