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Is Eddie Munson a Vampire: Is He Coming Back; How Did He Die; Reddit Users Wonder if He Is 010 and Alive!

Jul 20, 2022 @ 9:44 EDT
Is Eddie Munson a Vampire: Is He Coming Back; How Did He Die; Reddit Users Wonder if He Is 010 and Alive!

Netflix's Stranger Things fans on Reddit wonder if Eddie Munson is a vampire, and 010. We are not sure as there is no official information. The crucial aspect of this story is how Eddie dies, and his death scene. The fact that Eddie Munson has a tattoo of some bats on his arm proves that vampires are turned by bat bites. As Eddie is not alive for sure, fans wonder if the actor is coming back!

One of the aspects of a show that attracts viewers and keeps them coming for more is the intrigue of character growth. One of the best parts of Netflix's Stranger Things has been seeing them evolve in front of our eyes.

However, the Stranger Things season 4 conclusion is far from flawless. This is primarily due to the fourth season finale's disappointment, which was consistently hinted at as the most exciting in the series thus far. The least satisfying series conclusion of the show was probably Stranger Things season 4, which served only as a setup for season 5.

After weeks of suspense, we all knew Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), a fan favorite from Stranger Things, died in the season. Eddie being resurrected as a vampire may sound ludicrous given that traditional monsters like vampires or werewolves have never before appeared in Stranger Things, but a Reddit user wonders if Eddie will appear as a vampire. So what's the truth? Let's find out!

Previously, we touched on if Eddie Munson is gay.

Is Eddie Munson A Vampire: Is He 010? Is He Alive And Coming Back? How Did He Die? His Tattoo; Death Scene; Reddit Update!

Our hearts were stolen by Joseph Quinn's (@josephquinn) portrayal of Hawkins' resident metalhead, who adores Dungeons and Dragons throughout the fourth season of Stranger Things. When Eddie passed away in the season finale, the show tore out those hearts, broke them, and trampled on them for good measure.

Eddie Munson, the D&D-loving, Lord of the Rings-referential metalhead with a good heart, has arguably been the season's standout cast. One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the show Stranger Things was Eddie Munson's death scene. Eddie might, however, make a comeback in season 5 of Stranger Things. According to this view, the writers may have already hinted at his resurrection, and it is therefore plausible.

The crucial aspect of this story is how Eddie dies. He is bitten to death by a swarm of demon bats. The fact that Eddie has a tattoo of some bats on his arm serves as a constant reminder of his disastrous meeting with the creatures all year long. It's obvious that how he passed away matters. What does it matter if Eddie is being prepared by his creators, the Duffers, to change into another traditional D&D vampire in season five?

This hypothesis is so intriguing because it not only paves the path for Eddie to return but also lays the groundwork for the character's incredible season-five arc. Kas, on the other hand, would eventually pull a Winter Soldier and reclaim his personality. Eddie may even end up killing Vecna, making him the show's supreme hero. Maybe everyone in town will be watching so that his name will be clean at last.

The mourning of even minor characters like Barb, years after their fictional deaths, indicates that Stranger Things fans are sensitive to death. At least for the time being, Munson also appears to be a thing of the past, at least for the time being,

The fan notes that, by traditional vampire law, vampires are converted by bat bites. Eddie was killed by the demon bats that attacked him, as we all saw. The fan continues that the vampire resurrects the body when the human briefly dies. Dustin would have assumed Eddie was dead because of this.

Stranger Things enthusiasts have continued to create specialized fan theories despite death's confirmation, as this is what they do best. One hypothesis suggests that Eddie will be back as a vampire and he will play a significant role in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

This theory was posted on Facebook and shared on Reddit. As Eddie is not alive for sure, the hypothesis caught on online, particularly because fans wonder if he is coming back, and he is 010.

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