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Is Devi Vishwakumar Still a Virgin in Never Have I Ever? Why Didn’t She and Paxton Sleep Together? Who Does She End up With in Season 3?

Aug 14, 2022 @ 3:56 EDT
Is Devi Vishwakumar Still a Virgin in Never Have I Ever? Why Didn’t She and Paxton Sleep Together? Who Does She End up With in Season 3?

Devi Vishwakumar is still a virgin in Season 3 of Netflix's Never Have I Ever as she never had s*x with Paxton while they were in a relationship. The couple didn't sleep together as the flashback shows that Devi always was busy whenever Paxton tried to get physically involved. The couple eventually split ways in Season 3. Later, she ends up with Ben in the final scenes of the season.

Netflix has released Season 3 of the comedy-drama Never Have I Ever, created by The Office's Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. The show's lead character, Devi Vishwakumar, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, is an Indian-American high school girl who balances school, friends, and all else that puberty has to offer while mourning the loss of her father.

Devi's life is filled with so many ups and downs that it is difficult to remember who she is grieving for and who she finally ends up with. The introduction of a new character in the third season, in particular, increases the tension. As the season came to a conclusion, she could be seen debating a significant life choice.

Devi has been always struggling to find a proper time and guy to lose her virginity with. As soon as Season 3 premiered, many viewers wanted to know if she loses her virginity. Well, let's find it out right below.

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Devi Vishwakumar Is Still a Virgin as Season 3 Shows That She and Paxton Never Had S*X in Their Dating Days: Why Didn’t They Sleep Together? Who Does Devi End up With?

Devi Vishwakumar is still a virgin as Season 3 shows that she and Paxton never got the opportunity to have s*x during their dating days. The couple eventually split ways. At the end of Season 3, she realizes that Ben has always been the one for her and ends up with him. However, we have to wait for Season 4 to confirm if she ever has s*x with Ben.

The first episode of Never Have I Ever Season 3 opens with Devi Vishwakumar and her lover Paxton Hall-Yoshida entering the school hallway. Despite dating for two weeks, the couple had not yet been able to have s*x. In a flashback, it is shown how Devi constantly tries to watch TikToks whenever Paxton tries to take their make-out session home.

Unfortunately, just as she starts to feel more confident about herself, she receives an anonymous text warning her that Paxton is not who she believes she is. Devi learns that Paxton's former closest friend Haley Garcia, who believed Paxton to be perfect, was the one who warned Devi about him. They hooked up once, and the next day he ghosted her.

In episode 3, the high school hosts a delightful Valentine's Day event in which the students who are the most compatible are paired. (This seems to be a lawsuit just waiting to happen.) Paxton and Hailey are, unfortunately, seen to be a perfect match.

Devi is partnered with Eric Perkins, and of course, Ben lies about being paired with his girlfriend while, in fact, he was scientifically paired with her. Paxton and Devi split up in the final scene of the episode.

Devi and Paxton are no longer together, and she is prepared to attend a party with Des, Rhyah's son. She dislikes the idea, but as soon as she sees him, she rapidly changes her mind. She insulted him by presuming he would be a nerd before they even met, and he witnesses her shocked when she sees Paxton making out with another woman.

Even if things seemed as if Devi and Des were going to become a couple, Des's mother (Rhyah) didn't want her son to tangle up with her problem. Rhyah also sees her as an unstable person as she still keeps struggling with the loss of her father.

As her therapist points out at the beginning of the season, Devi begins to realize that if she isn't satisfied with herself, she won't be able to find pleasure elsewhere. Interestingly, one individual has remained a continuous presence in her life during these difficult times. It was none other than Ben.

Ben ends up being Devi's only choice after Paxton and Des are excluded, and it turns out that he had actually been the perfect person all along. She laments the fact that she's still a virgin, but Ben makes fun of her by saying he'll give her one free boink even if she's on her deathbed.

Devi had been looking for someone who would accept her for who she was all this time, but now she sees that Ben had been there the whole time. In the end, it appears like they may be able to be together without any other crushes hanging over their heads as she knocks on his door. While the ending scenes don't show anything else, we can assume that Devi is still a virgin.

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