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Is Bruised Based on a True Story? Inspiration for Halle Berry's New Netflix Movie Explained!

Nov 30, 2021 @ 9:20 EST
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Is Bruised Based on a True Story? Inspiration for Halle Berry's New Netflix Movie Explained!

Netflix viewers are wondering if Bruised is based on a true story. Halle Berry's Jackie Justice is a fictional character and the movie is not a true story.

It's always interesting when well-known actor ventures behind the lens to serve as a director. We've witnessed it numerous times in the past, and now another high-profile performer is stepping behind the camera.

The legendary Halle Berry is the most recent to enhance her skill set. Many may recognize the 55-year-old American starlet from films such as X-Men (2000), John Wick: Chapter 3 (2019), Die Another Day (2002), Swordfish (2001), and Monster's Ball (2001), for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

Bruised is the latest sports drama written by Michelle Rosenfarb, which she directs and stars in. It debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2020. The movie dropped on Netflix on 24 November 2021.

The movie's frenzy is apparent, but is Bruised on Netflix based on a true story? Let's find out.

Is Bruised on Netflix Based on a True Story?

No, Bruised is not based on a genuine story, although it does pull real-life influence from the MMA sport it depicts.

MMA is a competitive sport in which players strike, grapple, and battle on the ground against adversaries using tactics from other sports such as boxing, martial arts, and kickboxing.

The phrase itself was created in 1993 and has risen in popularity in recent years. Big names like Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have helped it acquire traction over the last decade.

In Bruised, Halle Berry plays Jackie Justice, an aging mixed martial arts competitor who has formerly retired from the sport.

When she is contacted to battle the top female combatant, she accepts the challenge and returns to the ring.

Meanwhile, she is struggling to raise her 6-year-old son, whom she had earlier put up for adoption. Jackie is not based on any real-life MMA fighter, and the plot is entirely fictitious.

Nonetheless, Halle has already stated that the story is somewhat personal to her.

I loved it because fighting is something that I just know so much about on a personal level and on a career level. I understand what it is to fight and not be heard.

The movie is receiving rave reviews since it debuted on Netflix.

Bruised Netflix: Halle Berry's Inspiration for Jackie Justice

Given her enormous influence on the writing, it's maybe not surprising that Bruised symbolizes much to Halle on a personal scale. She earlier disclosed to Entertainment Weekly that it was penned for a 25-year-old Irish Catholic girl.

This initially disappointed her since she believed it was a narrative she couldn't call her own. However, it was at this point that Halle's personal battle to kickstart the production of the movie began.

I knew as written it could not be me, but what I loved about the story is it was a classic fight film. I loved the fractured brokenness of this character, and I love to see a film that’s about redemption. I want to see the human spirit soar, I want to see someone rise above obstacles and still be standing at the end of the day.

She persuaded executives to let her rewrite the script to portray the redemption story of a matured Black woman, driven to get the idea off the ground.

They obliged, and she went out and found a director; in the meantime, she took over the role, eventually.

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