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Netflix: Is Battle Kitty a Boy or Girl? Gender Revealed!

Apr 27, 2022 @ 11:58 EDT
Netflix: Is Battle Kitty a Boy or Girl? Gender Revealed!

Many viewers have been curious to know if Battle Kitty from Netflix's interactive animated series Battle Kitty is a boy or a girl. There is no official statement about Kitty's gender, however, there are various reasons to assume that Kitty is a boy. Go through the article to know why Battle Kitty might be a boy.

Battle Kitty is Netflix's newest interactive animated television series. Matt and Paul Layzell created and developed the new series, which joins the likes of Cat Burglar, Captain Underpants: Epic Choice-o-Rama, The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to you!, and Trivia Quest as interactive specials.

The series for kids was released on April 19 and is based on Matt Layzell's popular Instagram comics posts known as The Adventures of Kitty & Orc. The special follows the story of Kitty who goes on risky quests with a faithful friend named Orc to become a world-famous monster-hunting champion by beating all the monsters on Battle Island and gathering their prized keys.

However, many people are curious to know more about the series, including if the main character, Kitty, is a boy or a girl. Well, let's find out the truth.

Battle Kitty: Is Battle Kitty a Boy or a Girl?

Kitty and Orc, two closest friends on a mission to help Kitty become a champion in their own manner, are introduced early in the series. Through cuteness and friendship, the two go on a trip to the championship, meeting several obstacles and enemies along the way, only to discover more surprises in the Ancient Ruins.

Since the series and characters themselves are animated, many viewers were curious to know if Kitty was a boy or a girl. Despite the interactive animated series has not opened about the character's gender, we can assume that Kitty is a boy.

In addition to being the creator and developer of the interactive special for Netflix, Matt Layzell (@m_layzell) is also the voice of adorable, yet formidable, Kitty. Therefore, it's safe to assume that the animated character was developed as a boy character.

Like Naruto Uzumaki's voice from the Naruto Series,  some characters are voiced by opposing gender as it perfectly fits the voice. However, that does seem to be the case here. As seen in the trailer, Kitty's voice certainly sounds like a boy character.

It's conceivable. Netflix may wish to commission some spinoff games if this is a blockbuster, and the team has plenty of ideas if that happens. They also have plans for a Season 2 if it gets greenlit, although it's unclear whether it would involve further branching narrative tech features.

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's Battle Kitty: Release Date, Synopsis, Cast!

Released on April 19, 2022, Battle Kitty consists of nine episodes, the duration of which will be determined by how the children interact with the story. Because the show was produced by Netflix, it is available to watch on their streaming platform.

The main character is considered to be a little, adorable, and feisty kitty with a pink ribbon on her head. When compared to the narrative provided on Matt Layzell's Instagram profile, we can see that the cat is a powerful and strong creature capable of fighting off enemies.

As a result of this interactive series, children will have the opportunity to defeat all of the monsters and enemies that exist on Battle Island, and if they succeed, they will be declared champions. The more levels they complete, the more opportunities they will have to unlock new challenges and tools while also having the chance to go on their own adventures.

With Matt Layzell voicing Kitty, the rest of the cast includes Gideon Adlon as ZaZa Baker, Terry as Orc, Grey Griffin as Angel, Thurop Van Orman as Memory Monster, Robbie Daymond as Iago, Daniele Gaither as Aon, and Amanda McCann as Big Lady Jane.

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