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Is Archive 81 Based on a True Story? Netflix's Latest Scary Production!

Jan 16, 2022 @ 6:44 EST
Is Archive 81 Based on a True Story? Netflix's Latest Scary Production!

Following the release of Archive 81 on Netflix, the queries stretch from 'is Archive 81 based on a true story to 'is Archive 81 scary' from viewers. No, Archive 81 is not based on a true story, but it is inspired by a podcast of the same name. On the other hand, the Netflix show is indeed scary.

Archive 81 chronicles Dan Turner, an archivist recruited to preserve a collection of cassettes recovered from a house that burned down years ago. As the disturbing horror story continues, Dan becomes increasingly obsessed with the videos and the individual who shot them, Melody Pendras.

The farther the archivist digs into the recordings, the more foreboding matters get. Strange incidents, unusual previous ties, and some very fascinating characters who are reluctant to reveal their truths make for riveting viewing.

The story also has a dark subtext of the occult. Is Archive 81 based on a true story? Is the Netflix show genuinely scary? We've covered all the details.

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Is Archive 81 Based on a True Story?

No, the scary drama Archive 81 is not based on a true story. The mysterious horror show is based on Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell's documentary-style podcast of the same title.

Together with the showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine, the two of them are also co-producers of the Netflix program. The earliest script was written by Paul Harris Boardman.

The sinister tone of the series is also well-crafted, with 'Stranger Things' helmer Rebecca Thomas jumping in to film four episodes of the first season, including the premiere.

Archive 81, as per Sonnenshine, puts a novel spin on the paranormal horror genre while maintaining a grim and poignant romanticism at its core. The series weaves rich themes across various storylines before connecting them with some very startling otherworldly phenomena.

The grungy urban atmosphere and the steady escalation of tension, on the other hand, make the show adequately realistic and disturbing.

Witnessing the main protagonists begin from fairly ordinary lives and gradually become drawn into the occult as the tale unfolds also gives the spectator the impression that they are traveling down the rabbit hole with the characters.

Is Archive 81 Scary? Netflix Viewers Wonder!

The majority of the show's mystical feel is inspired by the original podcast by Sollinger and Powell, which has numerous seasons. As for their interest in horror, the two podcast hosts, who met at Syracuse University while collaborating on an audio series called Transmission, cover a variety of ground.

They acknowledged their interest in odd literature and offbeat horror movies like It Follows in one of the interviews. Sollinger stated to have been inspired by writers such as Laird Barron and Jeff VanderMeer.

H. P. Lovecraft impacted his passion for cosmological horror, which is also visible in the Archive 81 podcast and the accompanying show.

Powell also acknowledged being influenced by Kafka-esque ideas and his time operating at a sound effects repository, where he devoted extended periods of time studying and reviewing weird sounds before they made their debut on a website.

Sollinger further noted that the Archive 81 podcast is inspired by subtle facets of life, such as the alienation of huge cities, the evolution of metropolitan regions over time, and their innate curiosity in stories about narratives.

As a result, Archive 81, like the podcast it is founded on, is entirely fictitious. Even the massive Visser building, which plays an important role in the story, is made up.

Sollinger and Powell have developed a scary and multifaceted world that has been converted to film from the initial podcast, drawing influence from authors of weird literature and existential horror.

Though there are elements of the show that make it appear genuinely scary — and the majority of its terror is supposed to be disturbing (as contrasted to less credible "jump scares") — Archive 81 is not based on a true story, which may be a nice thing, after all.

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