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Indian Matchmaking Season 1: Where Are They Now? Netflix 2022 Update!

Aug 11, 2022 @ 15:49 EDT
Indian Matchmaking Season 1: Where Are They Now? Netflix 2022 Update!

Viewers wonder where are the Season 1 cast from Indian Matchmaking in 2022. The participants of the 2020 Netflix show didn't succeed in making any matches in the show. Some found their love elsewhere outside of the program while others are still looking for the perfect match. The failure of the matchmaker Sima Taparia on Indian Matchmaking was evident following the conclusion of Season 1 on Netflix.

Indian Matchmaking, one of Netflix's most recent reality shows, offers viewers a look at the world of arranged weddings and Indian culture. In particular, the 2020 television series follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia and her partner-seeking clientele as they negotiate the challenging dating and compatibility world.

Even though the program has drawn significant criticism and initiated crucial discussions on colorism, casteism, and misogyny, it has gained popularity among users of the streaming platform Netflix.

In the first season of the show, which debuted in 2020, a number of actors captivated viewers with their stories and choices. Naturally, a lot of fans wonder how they are doing right now: Did they find what they were looking for, or are they still looking for someone? Read this article to find out what happened to them.

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Indian Matchmaking Season 1: Where Are They Now? Some Cast Members Found Their Love Elsewhere While Others Are Still Looking for a Perfect Match in 2022!

Sima Taparia's (@simatapariaofficial) reputation as a sought-after matchmaker was slightly damaged by the fact that Season 1 finished without any successful matches being established.

Sima's significance has decreased this time around, and it appears that the program is aware of this as well. So, the fans of the show were wondering what happened to the participants of the show and if they found any matches.

Aparna Shewakramani, who was portrayed as somewhat of a villain in the program, was opinionated and wouldn't accept anything less, which seemed to make her challenging. Aparna keeps going strong and won't let the representation she received on the show prevent her from speaking out. The actor has a new book out called She's Unlikeable and will return in season two of Indian Matchmaking.

Pradhyuman Maloo, a well-groomed jeweler from Mumbai, appeared to click with a potential mate, but tragically their relationship didn't last. The guy kept being picky about the ladies he chose based on their appearance, quickly rejecting a match based only on their photo. Season two will also feature Pradhyuman, who revealed he had finally met the woman of his dreams.

He captioned a nice Instagram photo of himself and his wife Ashima Chauhaan from March with the following:

Life is better with a best friend Hence, I married mine.

After disclosing information about his father's past, schoolteacher Vyasar Ganesan's possible connection came to a stop due to his unfortunate family history. Indian Matchmaking reportedly assisted him in finding a companion after a woman contacted him on social media, even though he didn't find love on the show. Her cousin saw the program, and after discussing it, she helped him get in touch with his now-girlfriend.

Another choosy individual who made his mother's blood pressure surge while she sought to arrange for his marriage was Akshay Jakhete. Unfortunately, he hasn't revealed anything about his life since leaving the show, so viewers may just have to watch season two to see whether he shows up.

Ankita Bansal was a successful businesswoman who sought the services of two matchmakers in her search for love, eventually choosing herself above a man. She is still concentrating on yoga and fitness. According to her Instagram caption, women should be given space and their voices need to be heard.

In April, she met fellow cast member Arparna after two years of FaceTime calls and brainstorming sessions. She posted a photo of the meeting on Instagram and wrote:

The happiness of meeting a version of myself in person, finally after 2 years of FaceTime calls and brainstorm sessions to conversations about somethings so spicy saying it out loud would just be catastrophic.

The pool of potential partners was rather small for divorced mother Rupam Kaur, who asked auntie Sima for assistance. In the end, Rupam met the love of her life through the dating app Bumble, and in 2020, amid the coronavirus epidemic, the actress wed Nitin Singh.

After the show ended, Chicago attorney Shekar Jayaraman shared posts about his family and his job, giving the impression that he was still looking for love.

After his date with Aparna involving goat yoga didn't exactly hit the mark, Jay Wadhwani seems to have finally found the one. He just posted pictures of his engagement to his girlfriend on social media.

After information about his history became public, vet Rashi Gupta and Vyasar ended their relationship. It's unclear if Rashi has yet to find the one or if she will be in the upcoming series, despite the fact that she has shared several images with her Indian Matchmaking co-stars.

So, it is safe to say that the show wasn't a success in any way since it wasn't able to find a perfect match for anyone in the show, some participants seem to have found the love of their life outside the show.

The Netflix show received many criticisms from people online for discriminating against people based on color, and appearance and making women seem like just babymaking machines.

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