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Becca from In from the Cold: Meet Actress Lydia Fleming on Instagram!

Feb 7, 2022 @ 8:55 EST
Becca from In from the Cold: Meet Actress Lydia Fleming on Instagram!

Becca Franklin from In From The Cold on Netflix is the daughter of the protagonist Jenny Franklin. The role is played by actress Lydia Fleming. After Jenny gets entangled with the CIA and is tasked with finding the ones responsible for the murders, Becca gets abducted to divert her mother from her task. Becca has a very strained relationship with Jenny because of the divorce of her parents. Fans wonder what Becca's reaction will be when she finds out her mom is an ex-Russian spy. 'Bird' and 'psycho' are among the other queries.

Netflix recently debuted a female-led spy thriller In From the Cold on January 28, 2022. The espionage thriller is about a single American mother Jenny (Margarita Levieva) who is not only forced to acknowledge her past as a Russian spy but pay for it by being blackmailed by the CIA to work for them.

Jenny has a daughter Becca (Lydia Fleming), who she is extremely overprotective of. Jenny almost loses her plot whilst involved in such a critical and dangerous mission when Jenny gets kidnapped.

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Who is Becca in In From The Cold?

Rebecca Franklin, portrayed by Lydia Fleming, is the protagonist Jenny Franklin's daughter. She is a typical teenager with a rebellious streak. She harbors a little resentment towards her mother for the recent divorce of Jenny and Becca's father.

Becca finds Jenny responsible for breaking off their family by sleeping with someone else. She thinks of it as an annoying and costly midlife crisis.

Although she has a strained relationship with her mother, her mother is the one who is chauffeuring her around the world to take part in the ice skating world championship in Madrid.

Becca is blissfully unaware of Jenny's past as a Russian spy. However, when her mother is forced to work for the CIA to find the ones responsible for instigating murders through the control of people's minds, Becca is unquestionably used as a pawn to sidetrack her mother.

Svetlana, Jenny's handler when she was a Russian agent, controls her mind and tries to use her to kill the American Senator in the skating competition by equipping her skates. Tries because Jenny stops her from killing the senator by shooting near her ear.

This is despite the fact that Jenny is very overprotective of her daughter. When Becca is kidnapped by Svetlana, Jenny goes on a rampage trying to find her and ends up killing all of Felipe's guards and Felipe himself by dropping him off from the balcony.

When Jenny finally confronts Svetlana, Svetlana speaks of her intention of involving Becca in the mission.

And even though the mother and the daughter didn't start out with the sweetest notes, by the end of the series, they make up with each other with promises to be more open with each other and have no secrets.

Who is Lydia Fleming?

The protagonist's daughter Becca is played by Lydia Fleming (@lydiaf95), an actress and television personality from England. She was born on 12 July 1996. She comes from a Christian family of Greater London in the United Kingdom.

Even though she is relatively a fresh new face in the entertainment industry, she is not new to acting. She has worked for several years as a theatre artist.

Lydia Fleming's love for acting began when she was young. She decided that she would become an actress. So, working for that, she went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for acting courses.

During the time she trained, she partook in various plays like Fury, Friendly Monsters, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. After graduating from school, she started building her career in acting slowly and steadily. In from the Cold is her official debut in acting onscreen.

By taking a look at her Instagram profile, Lydia Fleming appears to be in a relationship with actor Zachary Wyatt. She and this Zachary Wyatt has shared pictures of each other on their Instagram handle getting cozy and comfortable.

She shared a picture with him in December 2019 and captioned it 'It'll be reyt.' They are definitely dating.

The actress is five foot four inches tall and weighs fifty kgs.

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