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Who Killed Sara: How Did Lorenzo Die? Who Killed Lorenzo?

May 19, 2022 @ 4:54 EDT
Who Killed Sara: How Did Lorenzo Die? Who Killed Lorenzo?

Season 3 of Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?' is now available on the streaming platform and many viewers of the show seek information on who actually killed Lorenzo. There are many theories on the internet on who actually killed him. However, Moncho's brother was the one who killed him. Follow the article to know detailed information on who killed Lorenzo and how he died.

'Who Killed Sara?' (originally titled 'Quién Mató a Sara?) is a Mexican crime mystery series about Lex Guzman, a guy accused of murdering his own sister, Sara. He is determined to find out who the real killer is and prove his innocence after spending 18 years in prison. He soon discovers, however, that the truth is far more complicated than he had anticipated.

The mystery series, created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, has superb performances from a brilliant cast, including Manolo Cardona, Alejandro Nones, Ximena Lamadrid, and Carolina Miranda.

The mystery series premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2021, and has so far aired three seasons. The series' second season premiered on May 19, 2021. Season 3 of the show, likewise, premiered on May 18, 202 and there have been many questions surrounding the death of another character, Lorenzo. So how does Lorenzo die? Let's find it out.

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How Did Lorenzo Die in Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? Who Killed Lorenzo?

'Who Killed Sara?' covers Alex's search for Sara's killer, as well as his discovery that his sister is living a double life. Other than Sara's murder, several other characters are killed at the end of season two, including Moncho, Elroy, Clara, Sara's father, and Lorenzo.

Jose Maria's lover, Lorenzo, is a lawyer who wishes to start a family with him. Jose Maria is Sara's brother Alex's friend, and after coming out as gay, he has a strained connection with his family.

A problem occurs while Chema, Clara, and Alex are all working together to discover Elisa. Chema receives a frightening call from Lorenzo concerning the officer, which throws him into a tizzy of emotions and leaves him unclear about what to do.

Alex tries to figure out who Diana is and where Sergio might be holding Elisa as he drives away. As Alex calms his emotions and examines the movie's background for hints, the clue could be in Elisa's video. Officer Morales joins the trio at Chema's apartment as they try to construct a story on the spot about what happened to Moncho. She's obviously wary of them, especially since Lorenzo ignores any contradictions.

He avoids queries about Clara being the surrogate until Chema steps in and says the body was discovered in a vacant lot. However, because this information is secret, it piques her interest as to how he discovered it. Marifer had hacked Chema's computer and essentially planted Clara as their surrogate in an attempt to locate her Mother.

In subsequent flashbacks, Nicandro confronts Sara about the money she stole from him. He requested it back, but she is clearly not cooperating. Nicandro was hospitalized after being hit by a car while riding his motorcycle (as a result of Sara disconnecting his brake lines). Elroy appears there.

It seems like the man who stabbed Lorenzo in the neck was Moncho's brother. Lorenzo's death scene was one of the heartbreaking scenes for many viewers of the show. We hope the show further clarifies what actually happened which caused Lorenzo's death.

Who Actually Killed Sara in Who Killed Sara?

It turns out that Sara did actually kill herself, although the reason for this is confusing. Marifer was said to have murdered Sara by cutting the parachute straps in season 2. Sara did not, however, die in the paragliding accident as we were lead to believe in Who Killed Sara Season 3.

We already knew that she supposedly died in the hospital from injuries incurred in the accident, but Sara actually survived and was kidnapped by Reinaldo (Jean Reno) and taken to the Medusa Center.

Reinaldo used her and many others as test subjects in his attempts to heal schizophrenia and force gay individuals to undergo conversion therapy. That included Chema, whom he tortured as well.

Sara had displayed symptoms of schizophrenia, making her an ideal test subject for his research. More importantly, Reinaldo wanted to discover if he could prevent Sara from passing the gene on to her unborn daughter. Reinaldo helped in the planning of the Marifer cover story. Marifer passed away in the Medusa Center as well.

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