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Locke and Key: How Did Ellie Come Back? Season 3 Update!

Aug 10, 2022 @ 17:07 EDT
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Locke and Key: How Did Ellie Come Back? Season 3 Update!

Netflix viewers wonder how Ellie came back from the Black Door on Locke and Key Season 3. Fans are as much glad as they are perplexed to see actress Sherri Saum return in Locke and Key season 3 as Ellie Whedon.

As wonderful as it is to have Sherri Saum resurface as Ellie Whedon in Locke and Key season 3, some Netflix viewers are baffled as to how she emerged from behind the Black Door following the incidents of season 1.

For those who forgot, Dodge duped the Locke family in the inaugural season by utilizing the Identity Key on Ellie and making her seem indistinguishable to Dodge.

Tyler, Kinsey, and the Savini Squad mistook Ellie for Dodge and tossed her through the Black Door after activating the Omega Key. In actuality, Dodge was still breathing and used the Identity Key to convert herself into Gabe so she could pose as a participant in Kinsey's friend circle.

How Did Ellie Whedon Come Back From the Black Door? Locke and Key Season 3 Update!

Ellie Whedon, played by Sherri Saum (@saumdays) escapes through the Black Door at the conclusion of Locke and Key Season 2 when Josh Bennett and Eden Hawkins momentarily unlock it. However, because she is still locked in Dodge's shape, the Lockes are unsure if they can entrust her.

Ellie travels to Keyhouse, where Bode hands her the Identity Key to test her. Because she isn't a demon, Ellie is able to accept the key, proving herself to be Ellie and not Dodge. She rejoins the Lockes and transforms back into herself.

Ellie later reconnects with her son, Rufus. Ellie also saw the real Lucas for the first time when Kinsey employed the Alpha Key on Dodge to cleanse his body of the demons finally.

Ellie and Rufus have come back to Matheson at the start of Locke and Key season 3, but in a different rental property because Ellie is not prepared to return to their former home where Dodge tormented them.

Locke & Key Season 3 is currently available on Netflix.

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