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Hellbound Season 2 Release Date on Netflix: When Will It Air?

Nov 22, 2021 @ 5:03 EST
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Hellbound Season 2 Release Date on Netflix: When Will It Air?

Fans are wondering about Hellbound Season 2 release date on Netflix. The K-drama is adapted from a popular South Korean webtoon.

Netflix's latest new K-drama, Hellbound, has just debuted, but fans are already wondering if this engrossing supernatural thriller has been renewed for a second season.

While there are several new releases on the streaming giants, the wonderful Korean drama Hellbound should absolutely be included on your watch list.

The latest K-drama aired last week, November 19th, all over the world, but like with every Netflix rollout, a huge number of viewers have already finished the six-episode program.

So, has Netflix confirmed Hellbound for a second season, and when might it be released globally?

Hellbound Season 2: When Will the K-drama Return on Netflix?

As of right now, neither Climax Studio (the show's production house) nor Netflix had announced Hellbound season 2. However, fans need not be alarmed by the lack of official news; the streaming juggernaut tends to wait several weeks before issuing any type of extension confirmation.

The real kicker is that the spectacular finale in episode 6 has undoubtedly set up season 2. When Min Hey-Jin flees the New Truth with the baby, it seemed that the ain saga would conclude with the world discovering that the decree could be issued without any initial sin.

Nonetheless, the screen goes black as we move to Park Jung-Ja's house, the site of the inaugural live-streamed event from episode three. Smoke and dust engulf the room once more as Mrs. Park's charred remnants begin to rebuild.

She wakes up bare on the floor, having apparently emerged from hell. So, the Hellbound plotline is expected to resume into a Season 2, but as with other Netflix original releases, any extension is solely reliant on the number of folks who view the series.

Hellbound Season 2 Expected Release Date

Because Hellbound season 2 has yet to be formally confirmed, neither Netflix nor the production staff has provided a projected release date. However, based on the shooting timeframe for the first chapter, we can draw some educated guesses.

The show was first mentioned in April 2020, with numerous cast members revealed in late July. While the drama draws inspiration from a renowned Webtoon, the Netflix show takes some chances and inserts a plethora of scenes for perspective.

This means that forecasting a prospective season 2 release date is difficult because we're not sure if the production crew has already prepared a storyline for the next segment in the Hellbound saga.

If Netflix approves season 2 and production on the new storyline can begin in the next months, viewers might see Hellbound reappear on Netflix as soon as October 2022.

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