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Meet the Grandmother Cast in Netflix’s First Kill: Who Plays the Role of Davina Atwood in Season 1 of the Netflix Show?

Jun 23, 2022 @ 3:57 EDT
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Meet the Grandmother Cast in Netflix’s First Kill: Who Plays the Role of Davina Atwood in Season 1 of the Netflix Show?

Polly Draper has been cast as Juliette Fairmont's grandmother in Season 1 of Netflix's First Kill. She plays the role of Davina Atwood in the Netflix show which is about a conflict between vampires. The actress is 67 years old as of 2022, yet, was able to fascinate the audiences with her performance in the show. Follow the article to know more about her role as a grandmother.

First Kill, a vampire series on Netflix, puts a modern spin on a historical conflict between vampires and guild-sponsored monster-hunters.

Calliope Burns and Juliette Fairmont both attend the same high school and are attracted to one another. But an intriguing barrier stands in the way, a centuries-old rivalry between their families. The series is based on Victoria "V.E." Schwab's short story of the same name.

Numerous well-liked themes, including YA romance and vampire drama, are blended into the plot. Additionally, the story seems to be lengthy, with season 1 merely appearing to be the beginning of the saga.

Similarly, Juliette's grandmother, Davina Atwood, plays a very significant role in the Netflix show. Many viewers found her very intriguing. They believe they have seen her somewhere. So, who is the actress/cast as Davina in the show? Well, let's find it out.

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Meet Grandmother Cast/Actress in First Kill? Polly Draper Plays the Role of Davina Atwood in the Netflix Show!

In the third episode of the Netflix show, the Burns are preparing to kill the entire family, which calls for a rigorous training session, while the Fairmonts are getting ready for Juliette's consecration ceremony.

Since Juliette had hidden her blood capsules, she begs Elinor for them. But the pills are insufficient. Juliette is inspired to behave ethically because Elinor only gives her a handful and throws away the rest. Therefore, commit murder before her grandmother and the entire legacy community shows up for the big event.

Juliette has responsibilities that their brother never had to because the Fairmont line is matriarchal. Elinor also points out that she shouldn't aspire to be like Oliver because he almost destroyed their entire family.

Juliette's grandmother, Davina Atwood, shows up as Juliette is trying on dresses for the ceremony. Davina explains the significance of this event by pointing out that Juliette will be bitten by the coveted Emerald Malkia, a serpent that originated in the Garden of Eden.

The Emerald Malkia is under the guardianship of the Fairmonts, which is a significant accomplishment. As the keeper of the Emerald Malkia, Davina will give her granddaughter a bite from the snake. Elinor is asked by Davina to make sure Juliette does not reflect poorly on her or their family's history. Visit Netflix to learn what happens further in the show as Season 1 is available on the streaming platform.

Talking about the cast, the role of Juliette's grandmother is played by Polly Draper. She is an American actress, producer, director, and writer. She first made headlines for her role in the ABC television drama, Thirtysomething.

Draper went on to have more success as the creator and producer of the Nickelodeon musical comedy, The Naked Brothers Band, for which she received a Writers Guild of America Award. She was raised in Arlington and Palo Alto with her two siblings, including Tim Draper, a well-known venture capitalist.

Polly Draper was born in Gary, Indiana, to a Peace Corps administrator mother and a venture capitalist father. The actress began her career with stage performances after graduating from Yale University and Yale School of Drama before securing parts in both film and television.

She has won numerous awards at festivals in addition to the WGA, such as the Grand Prize at the San Antonio Film Festival and the Bronze Gryphon award for her contributions to the US entertainment sector. Regarding her family, Draper is married to Michael Wolff and has two kids.

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