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Finding Ola Cast: Meet the Season 1 Netflix Stars!

Feb 10, 2022 @ 9:00 EST
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Finding Ola Cast: Meet the Season 1 Netflix Stars!

Finding Ola cast members in 2022 include Hend Sabri, Hany Adel, Nada Moussa, Sawsan Badr, and Dalia Shawky. Other supporting cast members of Finding Ola Season 1 on Netflix are Latifa Fahmy, Aisle Ramzy, Omar Sherif, Khaled Nabawy, and Ahmed Tarek.

Finding Ola recently premiered on Netflix on February 3, 2022. The six episodes of the show follow Ola, a newly divorced woman as she navigates her life after her marriage is over.

The family-oriented woman must shoulder the custody of her kids while rediscovering her identity not as a mother or a wife, but as herself.

The series, aside from the social commentary about the treatment of divorced women, delivers a stellar performance from the cast members. Some are even seeking information on Finding Ola Season 2 already.

Finding Ola Season 1 Cast Members on Netflix

The quirky Egyptian comedy-drama series about a woman rediscovering her identity after divorce stars Hend Sabri who also produced the show in the lead role.

The Netflix series Finding Ola also stars Hany Adel, Nada Moussa, Sawsan Badr, and Dalia Shawky. The supporting cast includes Latifa Fahmy, Aisle Ramzy, Omar Sherif, Khaled Nabawy, and Ahmed Tarek.

Hend Sabri

The titular character of Finding Ola is portrayed by Hend Sabri. She plays a woman who is forced to take control of her life after her husband divorces her.

Hend Sabri (@hendsabri) has reprised her role of Ola that she played in the Egyptian television drama I Want to Get Married in 2010. She is an actress from Tunisia who is currently working in Egypt. She started to come into prominence after she did Men's Season, and Silence of the Palaces.

Some of her most notable works are movies like Diary of a Teenager, The Yacoubian Building, Ibrahim Labyad, The Flower of Aleppo, The Blue Elephant 2, and television series like I Want to Get Married, Whose Empire, Sweetness Of World, etc.

She was born on 20 November 1979. She is an ambassador for Garnier. She is married to Egyptian businessman Ahmad el Sherif.

Hany Adel

The person that is responsible for Ola going through an existential crisis is her husband Hisham, which is portrayed by Hany Adel.

Hany Adel (@hanyadelofficial) is an Egyptian guitarist, vocalist, and screen actor. He has been a part of a number of contemporary Egyptian movies that tackle controversial social and political issues facing Arab society like Microphone, Asmaa, Factory Girl, and Clash. On the music front, he founded an  Arabic language band Wust El-Balad in 1999.

The Finding Ola alum was born on September 8, 1976.

Nada Moussa

Nada Moussa plays Nesrine, an independent woman and friend of Ola, who she stops associating with because of Hisham's disapproval. After the divorce, Ola reconnects with her.

Nada Moussa (@nadamoussaofficial) is an Egyptian actress known for working in series like Heba the crow’s Leg, Grand Hotel, and Wonder. She made her television debut in the television series Wanis and His Days. She then worked in the series Premeditation alongside Ghada Abdel Raziq.

She was born on 8 August 1982.

Sawsan Badr

Sawsan Badr's Soheir is constantly trying to force Ola, her daughter into a box of traditional and patriarchal values. She tells Ola to beg Hisham to take her back.

Sawsan Badr (@sawsanbadrofficial) is an Egyptian theatre, television, and film actress. She was blacklisted from Egyptian and Saudi television after she starred in a British movie Death of a Princess for its portrayal of the Saudi Arabian government. So, she changed her name to Sawsan Badr from Suzan Abu Taleb.

Some of the movies she has done are Lust 2011, Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story, Ibrahim Labyad, Dunia 2005, A Girl’s Secret. She was honored with the Best Actress Award at the 34th Cairo International Film Festival.

The Finding Ola star was born on September 25, 1959.

Dalia Shawky

Dalia Shawky portrays the character of Omnia, a much younger woman Hisham gets together with soon after the divorce.

Dalia Shawky (@itsdaliashawky) is an Egyptian actress born into a family with artistic affiliations. She is the daughter of artist Manal Al Fatatri and the sister of young artist Passant Shawky.

She has obtained her dual Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Theatre from American University. She has been a part of a number of theatrical productions like Soulmate, Like It Was Yesterday and The End. She is known for her works in Coco Chanel, Qut Al-Qulob 2, and Kaeno Embareh.

She was born on November 26.

Supporting Cast of Finding Ola

In addition to the main cast members, the show has many other casts in supporting roles.

Nazly, Ola's unsupportive mother-in-law, who blames her for Hisham's heart attack is played by Latifa Fahmy. Aisle Ramzy and Omar Sherif are seen in the roles of Ola's children Nadia and Selim respectively.

Khaled Nabawy appears as Tarek who helps Ola in establishing her business. Ahmed Tarek plays Marwan, a cardiologist Ola starts to develop feelings for.

Finding Ola is streaming on Netflix.

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