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Fever Dream Cast – Netflix Horror/Thriller from Chile is Turning Heads Online!

Oct 13, 2021 @ 14:26 EDT

A semi-deserted town, mysterious neighbors and hidden secrets, all combined together make for one creepy viewing. That is the formula for Netflix’s latest horror flick from Chile and directed acclaimed filmmaker Claudia Llosa. Based on the book of the same name by Samanta Schweblin, here we are taking a look at all the Fever Dream cast and figuring out what is really going on in the suspense drama.

The novel, on which the movie is based on, was published in 2014 and later went on to garner critical acclaim. A weird blend of horror and environmental abuse story, the suspense novel was considered to be something standing alone as a genre of one. The same drive and suspense is something the Netflix film is looking to convey in the film.

Though it may be confusing from the trailers, the book and the movie are about a small town and the excess use of toxic agricultural chemicals. Drawing from her own life and visiting farm towns in Argentina, Samanta saw the harm caused to nature and human beings. That story is rolled into horror/suspense drama and here is everything you need to know about Fever Dream cast.

Fever Dream Cast – Stars of the Netflix Suspense Thriller

fever-dream-cast-2021Fever Dream cast is led by Maria Valverde and Dolores Fonzi as Amanda and Carola. Details of the 2021 Netflix suspense thriller movie.
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Featuring some great talents from Chile and Argentina, the movie was optioned by Netflix in 2018 and filming began in 2019. Most of the Fever Dream filming locations were located in Chile and the film itself is in Spanish language, the predominant language spoken in Argentina and Chile, the countries near the Antarctica continent.

Casting for the movie was also done in 2019 as director Claudia Llosa was handed the reins. As a female-led movie, two recognizable faces were added to the Fever Dream cast. Famous Spanish actress Maria Valverde was hired as the lead of the film, while Argentinian theatre and TV actress Dolores Fonzi works as her counter balance. The trailer showed off the two ladies and what is going on behind the scene.

Maria Valverde leads the Fever Dream cast as Amanda. The character of Amanda is a city person, a single mother and someone who is looking for a little quiet in her life. So, to find the peace and quiet, the city dweller heads to the country with her daughter. Coming to a new place, she has new neighbors and a secret that surrounds the small community, a secret that may bring trouble for Amanda and her daughter.

The Argentinian actress, Dolores Fonzi is playing Carola in the movie. Carola is the native of the small town that Amanda moves in to and she is also the first neighbor to befriend the mother daughter duo. Carola reveals in the trailer that she was a mother once and had a son. While her son appears to still be alive, Carola says that boy has changed and become someone else, throwing more questions at the viewing audience.

Except for the leading ladies, the Fever Dream cast includes German Palacios as OmarGuillermo Pfening as MarcoEmilio Vodanovich as DavidGuillermina Sorribes Liotta as NinaMarcelo Michinaux as David, and Cristina Banegas.

What is the Netflix Movie Fever Dream About?

Fever Dream follows Amanda as she moves from the city to a quiet town with her daughter. As the mother daughter duo settle into their new home, they become aware of the strangeness of the place. People look different and they all appear secretive along with her new friend Carola, who adds to the mystery of the place, which has to do with the environment, and the two mothers' different lives come face to face.

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According to Netflix, the official synopsis reads, "The charged relationship between two young moms, one a visitor and the other a local, reveals a looming environmental catastrophe and a spiritual crash." The movie is streaming on Netflix from 13 October 2021, a week after its theatrical release in Argentina.

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