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Who is Ferran on Daughter from Another Mother? Meet Actor Matias Novoa!

Jan 6, 2022 @ 6:08 EST
Who is Ferran on Daughter from Another Mother? Meet Actor Matias Novoa!

Ferran from Daughter from Another Mother Season 2 is sparking interest among the fans of the show. Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos), a show about two different mothers coming together to raise their daughters was released on Netflix recently. The Swedish drama-comedy series put into the spotlight its cast members, about whom fans are hoping to know more about. Actor Matias Novoa is one of those who occupied the fans' minds when he appeared on the show as a very sexy Ferran.

Matias Novoa is a Chilean-Mexican model and actor who is mostly recognized for his working with TV Azteca on several soap operas. The Netflix alum was most recently seen in Daughter from Another Mother as Ferran.

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Matias Novoa as Ferran on Daughter from Another Mother Season 2

Matias Novoa is one of the cast members of Daughter from Another Mother (Madre Solo hay Dos), which premiered on Netflix on January 20, 2021. The second installment of the series also landed recently on Netflix on December 24. Matias Novoa reprised his role in Season 2 as Ferran.

We first meet Matias as Ferran on the show when Mariana and Pablo begin working together on an app they created together which Ana bought in a place that is owned by Ferran.

He becomes acquainted with those two as they work in a shared space which is his. He quickly becomes attached to Mariana despite her not being in the smoothest phase of her life with the baby and trying to sort her relationship out with the baby's father Pablo. Mariana ends up falling for him too.

The development in the relationship of Mariana and Ferran causes jealousy and insecurity in Pablo about his future with his daughter. Pablo does not appreciate him being around his daughter.

Keeping in mind the possibility of where Mariana and Ferran are headed according to their growing fondness for each other, to secure his future with his daughter, he ends up sharing Juan Carlos' shark lawyer in a struggle over who the baby gets when.

Last we see Ferran visibly upset when Ana and Marians share a kiss on the stage at the Konene app's event, revealing their non-business relationship status.

Ferran seems to have been greatly attached to Mariana and Regina judging by his hurt. How Ferran responds to the kiss and the future of his relationship with Mariana is one of the things fans are looking forward to in the next installment.

Matias Novoa: Get to Know the Actor!

Matias Novoa was born on 14 June 1980 in Valparaíso, Chile. He did his acting debut in 2008 in television as Efren in Secretos del Alma.

He got his first leading role in 2011 as Diego Cavazos in Bajo el Alma. He was also seen in soap operas like Dos lagos, Enemigo íntimo, El Señor de los Cielos, La Doña, Vencer el pasado.

He moved into films in 2015 with Reverse, which he also co-wrote and executively produced. He was also seen in a comedy movie Doblemente embarazada as Felipe.

He is married to a Cuban actress and singer Isabella Castillo. He is a father to Axel Novoa Gómez he had with a  Venezuelan actress María José Magán.

He is 6 feet 2 inches. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

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